Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Challenges, Implications, and Opportunities for Autonomous Systems in Aerospace and Defense

Commercial applications of artificial intelligence and robotics have been developed with decades of investment and are mature technologies either fielded or on a path to be fielded for a variety of applications that include repetitive

A Digital Approach To Strategic Management

Airlines continuously seek new efficiencies that extend beyond just turning the aircraft quicker from one flight to the next. At Republic Airways, we analyze every business area for opportunities that will improve cost and time savings.

"A Strategy to Differentiate with Additive Manufacturing"

Where does metal additive manufacturing add value to the aerospace and defense industry? Moog has been exploring this question since 2011. Moog’s products are utilized in mission critical applications like steering a missile or keeping a satellite

Transformational Manufacturing through Integration

The accelerated introduction of new technologies is a global phenomenon that stands to level the war fighting playing field between nations.

The Role Of Solidworks In The Product Design Process: Promoting Innovation With A Strategic Use Of New And Old Tools

As a young product development engineer, I never lived in a world without 3D modeling and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software such as SolidWorks.

Airports: Managing the Digital Square Foot

The day after Labor Day has special importance for the IT groups at several U.S. airports. It marks the highest of the summer peak traffic and thus the start of a relative lull in passenger volumes till the pre-Thanksgiving vacation build-up.

Featured Vendors

Advanced Composite Structures : Innovative Solutions for Rotor Blade Repair

ACS provides effective repair services for rotor blades to help clients save costs and get their aircraft into the air faster

Covington Aircraft : A One-stop Shop for Aircraft MRO

Founded in 1972, Covington Aircraft is a world-leading aircraft engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility specializing in PT6A turbine engines and R-985 & R-1340 radial engines. Covington is a Pratt & Whitney Canada certified Distributor, and Designated Overhaul Facility with locations in Oklahoma, Brazil, and Mississippi, providing world-class corporate, military and agricultural aircraft services. With well-equipped hangar space, mastery in overhauling, and a 24x7 global AOG response team of expert mechanics, Covington effectively minimizes aircraft downtime

PKL Services : A Single-Stop Destination for Military Support Service Requirements

PKL Services, Inc. is an elite provider of skilled personnel based in California delivering aviation maintenance, training, and logistics management services for its aerospace and defense customers. The Company is focused on continual improvement, often exceeding customer expectations when it comes to enhancing the quality standards of aircraft maintenance, training, and logistics support in dynamic conditions. By choosing PKL, clients can expect a partnership that balances agile, effective performance with an unyielding commitment to their core values. As a testament to its capabilities, the Company was recently awarded a new contract to provide material and logistical support to the fifth-generation F-35 fighter aircraft for the U.S. Navy, a new contract to provide operational maintenance service support the VX-9, the U.S. Navy’s Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron, and the C-2 Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) aircraft assigned to VRC-30

Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRO): Partner for Innovation, Collaboration, And Success

Astronics Corporation serves the world's aerospace, defense, and other mission-critical industries with proven, innovative technology solutions

Janicki Industries: Designing and Building High-Precision Parts and Tooling

Janicki Industries: Designing and Building High-Precision Parts and Tooling

Janicki Industries is a privately owned, full-service engineering and manufacturing company with facilities in Washington and Utah, USA. Janicki specializes in manufacturing parts, prototypes and tools made of advanced composites and metals. Janicki is certified for fly-away composite parts. Janicki is fully capable of building your largest projects utilizing large-scale facilities, high-precision 5-Axis mills, autoclave and large annealing oven. We have deep experience in many composite systems including: syntactic putty; 160ºF machined putty; 250ºF carbon/fiberglass hybrid molds; 350ºF Carbon tools; and 350ºF Invar and Steel molds. This 100% in-house capability for the total tooling and parts solution enables a one-stop shop for customers

Manufacturing International Services (MAIS Industries LLC): Providing Intelligent Machining Services

MAIS Industries specializes in providing a wide range of part processing services and cost-effective labor solutions to the aerospace industry. MAIS Industries offers milling, turning, mechanical abrasion finishing, anodized type II, anodized type III, Chemfilm, Assembly, Laser engraving, and Ink marking, and are in the process of adding powder coating and screw machining capabilities as well. Simple or complex, low or high volumes, MAIS Industries works from client designs and specifications to develop lines and hand labor processes that result in efficient, low-cost solutions

LUX Manufacturing: Turning Solids into Reality

LUX Manufacturing: Turning Solids into Reality

LUX Manufacturing is a Sunnyvale, CA-based family-owned machine shop offering precision machined parts. The company is a well-known name in the industry, specializing in 5-Axis CNC machining, CNC mill, and CNC lathe projects, high volume assembly, and mostly brazing assemblies. LUX Manufacturing offers both short-run prototypes and longer production runs. With a large selection of CNC and manual equipment, LUX Manufacturing is capable of manufacturing nearly any type of metal or plastic part. The company offers precision-machined parts to the aerospace, medical device, optics, sustainable energy, semiconductor, and consumer electronics industries

Acutec Precision Aerospace Inc.: Providing Unmatched Manufacturing Expertise

Acutec Precision Aerospace Inc.: Providing Unmatched Manufacturing Expertise

Acutec Precision Aerospace is a machining and subassembly supplier partner. the company is successful in addressing such complex machining requirements of the defense and aerospace industries. The company offers its manufacturing expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to achieve lower cost products, improve quality, and significantly increase client’s return on investment. The company invests in the latest technology and equipment, and proactively identifies issues associated with manufacturing and solve them. Over the years, Acutec has gained significant traction by onboarding customers looking toward introducing new products. In such cases, the company leverages its capabilities to develop a zero-defect planning strategy aimed at designing the component and assembly economically while ensuring high throughput

Dallas Aeronautical Services: Spearheading Aircraft Repair with Engineering Excellence

Dallas Aeronautical Services (DAS) is an FAA part 145 repair station that provides corporate and commercial aircraft operators with comprehensive support for the overhaul and repair of airframe, sheet metal, as well as metal-bonded and composite structures. As a leading aviation component repair shop, the company supports a diversified base of leading private, corporate, and military customers. Backed by a team of experienced technicians with an unsurpassed level of expertise in engineering and DER FAA approved repairs, DAS ensures aggressive turnaround times while providing the highest quality at an affordable price

Konrad Marine : Diverse Product Line to Meet Marine Propulsion Needs

Konrad Marine specializes in designing high output stern drives that surpassed the status quo and outwork anything on the water.The company's stern drives are specifically designed to meet the end-users demand for durability and minimal maintenance intervals. Today, the primary industries they serve are commercial, military, and recreational markets. Konrad Marine's product line range allows them to dial in successful applications and provide exceptional service to boat builds across the globe. Konrad Marine’s stern drives serve as a superior choice for electric/hybrid and autonomous applications.

NAPA: Holistic Solutions for Ship Design and Operations

NAPA offers industry leading software, services and data analysis for ship design and operation. NAPA’s design tools are fit for all types of surface vessels and also submarines, along with multiple applications, like time domain flood simulation, complex damage and intact stability analysis, ship performance analysis, structural design, and many more. NAPA offers a complete package of 3D based ship design solutions that can be utilized from the very early stages of the design process for multiple disciplines. Additionally, NAPA presents extensive solutions for intelligent, safe, and efficient ship operations to increase performance, fuel-efficiency, and eco-efficiency for monitoring and optimizing the voyages. They have built a global ecosystem where its solutions are being leveraged by several marine industry stakeholders

Jaunt Air Mobility: Reinventing Urban Air Mobility

Jaunt Air Mobility designs and builds piloted and autonomous eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft for urban and regional mobility. Since its inception in 2019, Jaunt Air Mobility began to design a radically different type of "compound aircrafts" by leveraging Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft (ROSA™) technology offering a different concept and approach to the urban air mobility sector. The technology combines an airplane's efficiency with the vertical take-off and landing of a helicopter with higher performance. Aircraft designed with ROSA technology can slow the rotor down and fly from wings, resulting in the quietest, safest, and most efficient hovering aircraft

Certified Aviation Services (CAS): The Answer to All Aircraft MRO Needs

Certified Aviation Services is a leading provider of MRO services for fleet operators, lessors, OEMs, and Adjusters globally. Throughout its nationwide network, CAS conducts line maintenance, modifications, installations, component overhaul, as well as heavy recovery and repairs. Each division is committed to providing customers with innovative, cost-effective solutions when and where they need it. From line maintenance, hangar activities, remote recoveries/repairs, aircraft appearance to aircraft parking and storage, CAS offers a wide range of services to its customers. CAS delivers top-level third-party line maintenance services, short-term and long-term storage programs, as well as full remote capability for aircraft-lease deliveries, returns, and transitions

UCAL Systems (formally known as Amtec Precision): An Automotive Machining Leader Foraying into the Aerospace Industry

UCAL Systems (formally known as Amtec Precision): An Automotive Machining Leader Foraying into the Aerospace Industry

UCAL Systems is a leader in high volume, high precision, and tight tolerance manufacturing of metal components, including—but not limited to—power train systems, fuel systems, and ride control. With its unrivaled capability to machine an extensive variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, the company holds a proud legacy of supporting several top-tier automotive OEMs globally. The company can deliver close tolerance parts machined out of a wide range of materials such as specialty steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and other exotic alloys to aerospace OEMs that address their various manufacturing needs

Boston Consulting Group: Ascending to New Heights in Aerospace and Defense

Boston Consulting Group: Ascending to New Heights in Aerospace and Defense

BCG’s diverse, global teams bring deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives to spark change through leading-edge management consulting as well as data science, technology and design, digital ventures, and business purpose. The company work in a uniquely collaborative model across the firm and throughout all levels of the client organization, generating results that allow their clients to thrive

Raloid Corporation: The Go-to Defense Manufacturing Partner

Raloid Corporation: The Go-to Defense Manufacturing Partner

Offers full-service, certified components for more than 25 major Defense and Aerospace programs, assemblies, and vehicles. In fact, the company’s products accompanied Neil Armstrong to the moon. The company is also capable of sheet metal fabrication, welding and assembly and partners with various organizations to accommodate the plating and heat treating requirements of customers. In their 93,000 square foot facility, Raloid is equipped with various CNC machinery, including CNC mills and CNC lathes. The company has seven 5-axis machine vertical centers, horizontal machining centers (one with lights out capability), vertical mills with full 4th axis capability, Reishaw in-machine probing and an integrated lathe with Fanuc Robotic loading and unloading capability

RICO: Defense Material Handling Equipment Experts

RICO Manufacturing, a leading engineered material handling equipment manufacturer, offers custom-built application-specific vehicles for the Department of Defense (DoD). The company builds highly specialized lift trucks, pallet trucksand mobile forklifts for numerous manufacturing industries, including the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. RICO serves defense manufacturers by making products for the armed services directly, as well as through approved contractors. The company works collaboratively with clients to develop quality, customizable commercial solutions designed to lower ownership cost. RICO Manufacturing has over four decades of experience developing custom material handling equipment, which sets the company apart from its competitors

Horizon Strategies: The Trusted Partner of Federal and State Governments

Built on the core values of service-oriented leadership, integrity, and teamwork, the company provides administrative...

Production Screw Machine, a Division of GMD Industries LLC.: Utilizing a "Phased Approach" to Streamline Manufacturing Processes

Leveraging more than 100 years of skilled craftsmanship, world-class production equipment, and the latest quality...

Auto-Valve, Inc. (AVI): An Agile and Dependable Aerospace Manufacturer

Auto-Valve, Inc. (AVI) is an aerospace engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in designing and...

Lamsco West, Inc.: One-Stop-Shop for Aerospace Shims and Detailed Parts

Lamsco West, Inc. is one of the largest single manufacturers of aerospace and defense shims, detailed parts, and...

Romeo Alpha: Facilitating Military Airworthiness Certification

Romeo Alpha: Facilitating Military Airworthiness Certification

Romeo Alpha is a uniquely positioned aerospace consulting company with nearly four decades of experience supporting DoD, the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and the National Aviation Enterprise. The company has specialized expertise in the military airworthiness process, testing and evaluation, and systems engineering. Romeo Alpha has in-depth knowledge and experience in DoD and foreign military airworthiness processes, which allows it to help its customers navigate through the certification process through insightful advice and technical expertise. The company further helps its customers develop a strategy to get their aircraft systems certified and facilitates them to progress and be successful in their aircraft development programs

Paratore Enterprises, Inc: Ensuring Success in the Defense and Tactical Space

Paratore Enterprises, Inc: Ensuring Success in the Defense and Tactical Space

With over 70 years of experience working in defense and law enforcement distribution in various capacities, Paratore Enterprises helps manufacturers and companies access the U.S. federal government and law enforcement space throughout the country. What’s different about Paratore Enterprises is the three-tiered relationships they possess: with worldwide manufacturers, a vast reseller network and end users in multiple verticals. Paratore Enterprises provides organizations with the know-how to sell their products to the U.S. government, military, law enforcement agencies, and OGAs

A & J Manufacturing Company: The Go-To Enterprise for Military-Grade Racks and Enclosures

A & J Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures both Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) and Customized Electronic Equipment Racks and Enclosures, as well as a variety of associated Installation Kits and Accessories. The company has been recognized in the industry with numerous awards for exceptional quality performance, including the Supplier Excellence Award (Rockwell Industries), Star Supplier Award (Lockheed Martin), and Certified Blue Supplier (Northrop Grumman) to name a few. A & J’s unique products and quality design solutions have contributed greatly to its recognition as the premier specialist in the field of electronic enclosures for military applications. The company takes great pride in providing well-designed, quality products that are delivered on schedule

Perfect Point EDM: Revolutionizing Hard-Metal Fastener Removal

Perfect Point EDM: Revolutionizing Hard-Metal Fastener Removal

Perfect Point, brings a disruptive tool that transforms MRO works through their patented Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) technology. Perfect Point has developed a unique technology specifically used to remove hard-metal fasteners from airframe and engine structure. The company manufactures its E-drills for the aerospace industry globally to streamline MRO work undertaken by the military and commercial aircraft, helicopters, and engines

Ericson Manufacturing: Lighting Up the Power and Lighting Space

Ericson engineers and manufactures temporary power and lighting products. Family-owned since 1918, Ericson is the industry leader in electrical safety products with a commitment to safety, ease of use, and reliability