Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, August 06,2020

Feature of the Week

Speed is of the essence in matters of security, and once again, drones have an advantage over other forms of traditional surveillance and security.  Read more
Xsight Systems, has partnered with Bayanat Engineering Qatar, a leading airport systems integrator in the Gulf and North Africa, to deliver an intelligent Runway Debris Monitoring System (RDMS) at HIA.  Read more
The aviation industry will be forever changed because of the current situation, but the trends that drove the industry's growth will remain and still look bright  Read more


By Mark Munsell, Deputy Director, CIO and IT Services, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency  
At the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, we deliver a broad spectrum of services to a wide variety of stakeholders.  Read more
By Zeeshan Sheikh, CIO, Entergy  
How does a utility increase internal customer satisfaction? In all likelihood, every business asks this question at a certain stage of their existence and it grows with each passing day.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Doug Wilson, Founder, and CTO,   
FiberQA manufactures automated test and clean equipment for fiber optic end face connectors for use in Datacom, Telecom, & MIL-Aero applications. FiberQA product lines include FastMT single-ferrule desktop fiberscope, and AVIT multi-ferrule...  Read more
By Harry Niedzwiadek, CEO,   
Image Matters specializes in geospatial, Semantic Web (Web 3.0), Semantic-AI, Sensor Web, Cloud-based SaaS/PaaS platforms, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Web services, enterprise engineering and modeling, and complex modernization projects....  Read more
By Roger Seaman, President,   
Bandy Manufacturing is an aerospace machine shop focused on manufacturing highly specialized, custom and standard aerospace hinges. The company supports a wide range of military and commercial aircrafts, aerospace vehicle, and non-aerospace...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Howard Hodder, MGIS, GISP, McKim & Creed  
In its broadest sense, asset management refers to any systematic approach of caring for, upholding the value of, or disposing of assets.  Read more
By Chris Ridgway, GIS Manager - Geological Services, Vulcan Materials Company  
Prior to developing our first GIS system, we asked potential users many questions. Key questions included: Are they experts with computers or nontechnical users of data?  Read more