Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Feature of the Week

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a developing trend in several industries, including shipping. The concept is that physical objects are equipped with sensors or perhaps the ability to collect data and exchange that information with websites.  Read more
The age-old quest for national competitive advantage has been accelerated by globalization. The US and the Soviet Union competed ideologically and militarily during the Cold War.  Read more


By Tammy Choy, Vice President and CIO, The Aerospace Corporation  
The specific word represented by the middle letter in a CXO job is typically well-established and hasn’t changed in years  Read more
By David Tamayo, CIO, DCS Corporation  
A good CIO’s will balance internal and external capability to achieve full control of their domain at a reasonable cost  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Mark Laesch, Senior Operations Process Manager,   
Founded in 1992, Baker Industries is a team of designers, engineers, machinists, fabricators, and more, passionate about providing exceptional machining services to modern OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, defense, space, and...  Read more
By Vlad Miskovic, CEO, President, Turbopower,   

CXO Insights

By Francesco Barba, Procurement Directorate, OHB System AG  
Yes, spacecraft are commoditizing: cheaper, quicker, smaller and more performing, but also more fragile, less reliable and durable  Read more
By Elena Schmidt-Schmiedebach, Marketing Lead, North America, Starrag USA Inc.  
When we started to survey the machine tool market, we looked at the traditional companies in the US, France and Japan. We did not know Starrag existed, especially their capabilities.  Read more