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The Aerospace and Defense industry leads all other industries in the use of advanced technologies and innovative business practices in the design, development, manufacture and operations of commercial and military aircraft, space systems including satellites for both military, commercial use and defense capabilities which are dependent on any nation's need for military weapons and systems designed to operate on land, sea and in the air.

A technology-first approach might be a recent development in most industries, but not aerospace and defense. For decades now, the Aerospace and Defense sector has implemented cutting-edge technology and business practices for the production, manufacture, and operations of complex systems. This includes commercial and military aircraft, space systems and satellites--making them leaders in the adoption of automation and advanced technologies. Defense manufacturers and suppliers tend to be leaders in the technology aspects of weapons systems because warriors have long found that there are no silver medals in combat, only winners and losers.

Aerospace and Defense Review is the peer-to-peer knowledge platform bringing news, trends as well as insider views and analysis of current business and technology issues affecting the industry.

We offer Aerospace and Defense decision makers and professionals our channels of websites, newsletters and print and digital magazines to keep up with new technologies and business opportunities and also to share their experiences, wisdom and advice with fellow Aerospace and Defense Review professionals.

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