Featured Vendors


APELLA: An Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

APELLA specialises in aviation component maintenance, manufacturing, engineering support, and specialised services.


Zenith Aviation: Continuing Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance

Zenith Aviation is an independent MRO that provides effective MRO services with significantly lower overheads; a typical OEM facilities can never offer the same service without under selling their product at loss. With their long-standing heritage in supporting Bombardier aircraft, Zenith Aviation continues to show its excellence in aircraft maintenance.


OGMA: The Worldwide Player in the Aerospace MRO

The company, with its parent company, Embraer, has the background of the client first, flexibility, and mobility. OGMA is a centenary company that has endured throughout its years with the greatest asset of building up its competence upon the diversity of engineering design and production services in the MRO and manufacturing business. OGMA has developed business in the aviation industry with the contribution of its worldwide OEMs and operators’ customers.Further, the company keeps and follows their guidance properly and develops the required and acceptable means of compliance in a continuous improvement philosophy


Advanced Rockets Corporation : Expanding Access to Space

Advanced Rockets Corporation (ARC) specializes in the design and development of hypersonic technology and space vehicle systems. Through its innovative and ground-breaking innovation, ARC is making space more accessible to everyone and propelling the aerospace industry into the future. The company’s design approach focuses on challenging and rethinking the role of time-tested, tried-and-true technology while pushing the boundaries of what is possible through robust and cost-effective launch systems