Featured Vendors


Millimeter Wave Products: Architecting the Wave of the Future

Mi-Wave specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of millimeter wave and microwave products


Raloid Corporation: The Go-to Defense Manufacturing Partner

Offers full-service, certified components for more than 25 major Defense and Aerospace programs, assemblies, and vehicles. In fact, the company’s products accompanied Neil Armstrong to the moon. The company is also capable of sheet metal fabrication, welding and assembly and partners with various organizations to accommodate the plating and heat treating requirements of customers. In their 93,000 square foot facility, Raloid is equipped with various CNC machinery, including CNC mills and CNC lathes. The company has seven 5-axis machine vertical centers, horizontal machining centers (one with lights out capability), vertical mills with full 4th axis capability, Reishaw in-machine probing and an integrated lathe with Fanuc Robotic loading and unloading capability


Manufacturing International Services (MAIS Industries LLC): Providing Intelligent Machining Services

Specializing in comprehensive range part processing, MAIS Industries provides cost-effective labor solutions to the aerospace industry


LUX Manufacturing: Turning Solids into Reality

LUX Manufacturing is a Sunnyvale, CA-based family-owned machine shop offering precision machined parts. The company is a well-known name in the industry, specializing in 5-Axis CNC machining, CNC mill, and CNC lathe projects, high volume assembly, and mostly brazing assemblies. LUX Manufacturing offers both short-run prototypes and longer production runs. With a large selection of CNC and manual equipment, LUX Manufacturing is capable of manufacturing nearly any type of metal or plastic part. The company offers precision-machined parts to the aerospace, medical device, optics, sustainable energy, semiconductor, and consumer electronics industries