Featured Vendors


Advanced Rockets Corporation : Expanding Access to Space

Advanced Rockets Corporation (ARC) specializes in the design and development of hypersonic technology and space vehicle systems. Through its innovative and ground-breaking innovation, ARC is making space more accessible to everyone and propelling the aerospace industry into the future. The company’s design approach focuses on challenging and rethinking the role of time-tested, tried-and-true technology while pushing the boundaries of what is possible through robust and cost-effective launch systems


Hypergiant: The Next Space Tech Giants

Hypergiant develops artificial intelligence services and solutions to create the best in class operational intelligence for businesses looking to respond to the challenges of tomorrow, today


Dassault Systemes : Leading The New Space Race

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform aids New Space players succeed in the new frontier of satellite technology. It speeds up their ability to design and manufacture sustainable first-time-right rocketry and satellite systems with the required quality, at lesser costs, and ultimately accelerate the delivery of satellites. By integrating technology into product development, new space companies can accelerate the product lifecycle from concept to take-off and gain a critical first-to-market advantage. This is made possible through a suite of powerful digital capabilities that include real-time collaboration, virtual simulation, and optimized planning, along with the virtual twin experience


SpaceFab : Multi-Purpose, High Performance, and Affordable Space Telescope

SpaceFab™ is currently building its first generation satellite, a space telescope with 50 cm (20 inch) optics, to be launched in early 2022. The company will provide a service for researchers, corporations, and the general public to schedule astronomical observation as well as Earth observation using our space telescope. Customers will also have access to archived space and Earth imagery