Wingcopter Raises a Massive Seven-Digit Investment from Corecam

Wingcopter Raises a Massive Seven-Digit Investment from Corecam

Wingcopter plans to expand its team by hiring more people, as well as announce new partnerships

Fremont, CA: Wingcopter, the Darmstadt-based drone startup, announced that it had secured seven-digit financing from Singapore-based Corecam Capital partners. As the startup performed well and achieved a number of milestones, Corecam Capital Partners bolstered investments on Wingcopter just after three months of its initial seven-digit funding.

Founded in 2017, Wingcopter produces and develops autonomously flying delivery drones for civilian and social applications, for example faster delivery of life-saving medicine for remote islands. There are a number of other use cases that are true to the company's guiding principle –'Technology with a Purpose'. The startup closes the gap between the helicopter, commercial drones, and fixed-wing aircraft with the help of its patented tilt-rotor mechanism, which is helping Wingcopter to achieve a new dimension of efficiency.

Martin Lechner, the Managing Partner of Corecam Capital Partners, commented: "The worldwide commercial interest in Wingcopter's innovative and powerful eVTOL drones is impressive. Based on the very positive development in recent months, we are supporting Wingcopter in the second round of financing to enable the team to successfully implement their ambitious growth plans".

Since its first seven-digit funding, Wingcopter has achieved a number of milestones. Firstly, in collaboration with Merck and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Wingcopter flew the world's first beyond-visual-line-of-sight flight (BVLOS) between two production services, over a distance of 25 kilometers. Next, during a humanitarian aid project in Malawi, Wingcopter delivered 90kg of medicines to remote areas that were cut-off from the outside world. After the successful participation in the African drone Forum and lake Kivu Challenge in Rwanda, Wingcopter has become the preferred choice of several African governments and international organizations.

Philipp Weber, Venture Capital Partner at FPS Law and member of Wingcopter's advisory board, adds: "In contrast to many other drone startups in the logistics sector, which currently only present prototypes and visions, Wingcopter has been able to impressively demonstrate the capabilities of the Wingcopter drone in flight operations in recent months, among other things through flights in aid projects. The further investment by Corecam is an important step towards rapid growth".

Wingcopter plans to increase its current team members from 45 to 70 within the next few months, as well as announce its new partnerships.

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