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Ali Sajjad, Founder and CEO, SimbaComAli Sajjad, Founder and CEO
Since the launch of the first satellite Satcom 1 in December 1975, the global space industry has always strived to outdo themselves to develop better, more robust, and high-quality communications satellites. Today, technological advancements in the satellite arena have become mission-critical for nations across the globe to maintain the currently volatile geopolitical landscape’s balance. For the U.S. in particular, having an effective and foolproof global communications network is paramount with the nation’s troops active in multiple geographies across the globe. There is no room for failure in communication, as it could mean life or death in hot spots. Keeping that in mind, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has always aimed to collaborate with a partner that can go ‘above and beyond the call’ to help them accomplish their mission objectives.

With its ability to quickly deploy Field Service Representatives (FSRs) anywhere in the world and decades-long experience in the SATCOM space, Virginia-based SimbaCom has always been the goto partner for the U.S. DOD and its partner community. The company also boasts an experienced team of subject matter experts, engineers, scientists, technicians, and program managers from the realms of satellite engineering, global telecommunications, Internet Protocol (IP), and “outside the wire” operations and field maintenance.
Additionally, with its unique work culture that treats its team members as family, supporting them in their personal and professional lives, SimbaCom has become a hub of the top talent in the space and satellite arenas. “Our expert-backed services and global yet nimble operations enable us to meet every client specifications whenever and wherever without the need to traverse through layers of corporate redtape,” says Ali Sajjad, founder, and CEO of SimbaCom.

As a trusted partner to the U.S. DOD, SimbaCom provides ‘off the charts’ performance and high-quality solutions that enable its customers to consistently achieve their strategic objectives under budget and on time. The company’s proven success can be attributed to the combination of the experience at its helm and its ability to provide end-toend communication solutions, including designs, engineering, test and evaluation, supply chain logistics, and technology life cycle management. SimbaCom also offers the full range of relevant program management and professional support services, private cybersecurity, and NOC services, including scalable, redundant storage solutions and 24/7 on-call network support.

Apart from supporting the U.S. operations in Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, and Iraq, SimbaCom also offers managed bandwidth services to commercial businesses of all sizes. The company’s managed services include predefined KPI/SLA purpose-built to ensure delivery excellence, service assurance, and high-quality customer experience. Concurrently, SimbaCom designs, installs, and operates client networks and provides services delivery management at every step along the way. “As a SATCOM partner, we’ll share the risk of network availability and SLA compliance, freeing you to focus on your customers and products while we run your network,” states Greg Brandsted, General Manager and COO of SimbaCom. This ability to estimate costs, offer technical solutions, anticipate legal issues, and suggest business models coupled with the expertise of its team is why SimbaCom is the go-to partner for some of the largest satellite networks worldwide.

Over the last 15 months, as most of the businesses experienced operation wide disruptions due to the pandemic, SimbaCom, owing to its unique two pronged value proposition, was able to maintain its growth pattern. In fact, the company was recognized as one of the top 5000 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. two years in a row for its unwavering ability to help clients get to hard-to-get places and deliver value. Looking ahead, SimbaCom plans to emphasize on its commercial business and integrate with leading complementary products to expand the capabilities of its portfolio. To conclude, Sajjad reiterates the ethos of his company, “We will continue growing our team of highly-competent experts and expand our clientele with our ever-growing portfolio of affordable, customizable, and end-to-end satellite solutions.”
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Leesburg, VA

Ali Sajjad, Founder and CEO

Provides end-to-end SATCOM solution designs, engineering, test and evaluation, supply chain logistics, and technology life cycle management