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Mike Naylor, CEO of PKL Services, Inc., PKL Services, Inc.Mike Naylor, CEO of PKL Services, Inc.
Many organizations in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) business are struggling in terms of training and educating their maintainer personnel. In the current landscape that requires distancing and safe health practices, packing multiple people into a small space to learn or execute maintenance tasks is neither feasible nor safe. California based PKL Services has been actively approaching and providing new solutions to address this challenge.

The company offers its trademarked training program, OmniSpec®, that focuses on innovative solutions via various mechanisms, including computer-based training (CBT), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). “These solutions offer our clients the opportunity to train and educate their personnel in any location while continuing to attain increased efficiencies and enhanced effectiveness,” says Mike Naylor, the CEO of PKL Services.

And that’s not all. The company offers a wide range of services pertaining to MRO and beyond, such as aircraft maintenance, logistics, program management, leadership development, and engineering support services.

PKL is proud to be a company that primarily hires veterans.PKL Services retains an average 90 percent veteran workforce.
The company regards its people as its greatest asset and recognizes that their expertise, dedication, and professionalism is what makes PKL successful. “Most of our employees, performing out in the field, remain with PKL for the duration of the contracts they are performing on. We typically have less than 10 percent turnover. And some of our employees have been with PKL serving the same customer as far back as 2008,” mentions Naylor. Additionally, we have a seasoned core of corporate employees with an average of seven years of service at PKL. This allows the company to provide a very stable workforce that understands each contract and the associated nuances.

As a result, several of PKL’s contracts have been multi-year repeat-awards, demonstrating focus on customer service and performance. “We strive to give our customers the highest quality at the best value. We use our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system to ensure that we provide quality service throughout our company and on our contracts,” says Naylor. That commitment to quality is consistently reflected in PKL’s Contractor Performance Assessment Reports, or CPARs, from its customers, which range from very good to exceptional.
  • We use our AS9110c and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system to ensure that we provide quality service throughout our company and on our contracts

In one instance, a team of PKL employees discovered a deficiency with an existing tool that typically resulted in repeat damage and write-off costs. “Our employees designed and tested a tool to securely hold the parts in place during maintenance to avoid breakage,” adds Naylor. It was then submitted for local manufacture and approved for use on the contract, providing the customer with a more efficient maintenance process and significant cost savings year over year.

Such has been the prowess that PKL has carved for itself over the years. As an agile company with a lean infrastructure, PKL doesn’t outsource tasks, and its employees are involved directly in each aspect of the business. “As a result, we can adapt quickly, make strategic pivots, provide prompt response, and keep our costs low,” says Naylor. The company has proven that they can work effectively and efficiently via distributed operations and want to further enhance that capability to serve its customers better while growing the business. Further, PKL is expanding globally with multiple opportunities in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere. This global expansion is a priority for continued growth opportunities, increased revenue, and maximized profits.
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PKL Services, Inc.

Poway, CA

Mike Naylor, CEO of PKL Services, Inc.

PKL is an elite provider of skilled personnel, delivering Aviation Maintenance, Training, and Logistics Management Services, committed to exceeding each customer’s expectations, while implementing quality standards in dynamic environments. PKL proudly retains an average 90% veteran workforce, holds a Top Secret facility clearance, and has well established infrastructure dedicated to both CONUS and OCONUS support.

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