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Patrick J. Gough, CEO, A Single-Stop Destination for Military Support Service RequirementsPatrick J. Gough, CEO
Maintenance, training, and logistics are undoubtedly the most significant cost factors associated with military aircraft. Although aviation organizations always seek to reduce their expenses, they cannot cut corners when it comes to the quality of aircraft maintenance and training. Given the decline in the availability of skilled Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) service personnel, recruiting those personnel has become more difficult in the aviation sector, especially as established players drive up the costs associated with support services. Aware of these challenges, retired U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, Samuel Flores, Jr., sought to improve the maintenance capabilities within the industry. His 30 years of knowledge and experience in aviation logistics paved the way for him to establish PKL Services, Inc. (PKL) – a provider of cost-effective maintenance support services for customers in the military market.

Since its inception in 2003, PKL expanded its services to include training, logistics, and program management for the aerospace and defense sector. The Company’s maintenance capabilities cemented its position as a cost-effective, one-stop-shop MRO service provider for fixed wing, rotary wing, and tilt-rotor aircraft. PKL witnessed more growth when Patrick ‘Paddy’ Gough, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel, assumed leadership as the CEO/President of the Company. Under his leadership, PKL broadened its portfolio for military aviation clients (both foreign and domestic) and forged new partnerships within the logistics management services space. A testament to achievement is the Company’s recent awarding of multiple domestic military contracts coupled with the expansion of existing overseas contracts and the development of new foreign contracts.

Today, from its headquarters in San Diego County, PKL is serving aviation and defense clients across the world. The Company is focused on continual improvement, often exceeding customer expectations when it comes to enhancing the quality standards of aircraft maintenance, training, and logistics support in dynamic conditions. Despite the exceptionally competitive environment in the defense aerospace market, PKL uses its long history of excellence to facilitate a more personalized approach to MRO services. Notably, what makes PKL a go-to provider in combat and peacetime operating areas is its workforce. As the CEO states, “The greatest value to our Company is the people in the Company.” PKL’s employees are comprised of approximately 90% military veterans who bring their talents, technical skills, and expertise to PKL and their customers.

Delivering Exceptional Services at Cost-Effective Rates

“By choosing PKL, clients can expect a partnership that balances agility, cost-effectiveness, and performance with an unyielding commitment to their core values,” says Gough. Leveraging industry-leading knowledge and expertise, the Company provides program management, quality assurance, and technical support for the entire range of aviation maintenance, training, and logistics requirements—across all echelons of its military clients, whether it is organizational, intermediate, or depot-level maintenance needs, developing and implementing innovative training curricula, or administering to the logistical demands of the customer. The Company’s track record of performance excellence in every facet of support and sustainment enables PKL to solve clients’ needs with ease. Whether it is material distribution or supply chain management, clients need not look beyond PKL.

Underpinning such comprehensive services is the Company’s uniquely skilled workforce. PKL’s employees can undertake maintenance, training, and logistical support services both domestically and abroad; on the flightline or in squadron work centers; in back-shops or combat theaters of operation.

Driven by these competencies, the Company is fast becoming a favorite destination for aviation training support. PKL’s instructors are known for delivering aircraft maintenance and aircrew training in an effective and efficient manner using emerging technology and instructional best practices, producing highly skilled technicians, and aviators capable of meeting the exacting standards of the industry where safety and quality control are essential.

To make training possible, the Company has developed and trademarked OmniSpec®—a full spectrum training system. By combining traditional classroom educational opportunities and computer-based systems, augmented reality (AR) environments, virtual reality (VR) labs, and Assisted Live Display Technology (ALDT), the OmniSpec® system of systems makes training interactive, collaborative, and supportive. With OmniSpec®, students are no longer anchored in a specific ‘classroom,’ and can easily assimilate the competencies they need through virtual skill-based training. They can train anywhere, anytime. In addition to OmniSpec®, PKL also provides train-the-trainer courses to enable senior-level technicians to provide instruction to less experienced personnel in the field.

Taking Giant Strides into the Future

Even with such robust capabilities already in its portfolio, PKL continues to strive for innovation in pursuit of constant performance and product improvement. PKL is currently partnered with a Singapore-based technology company to further extend its prowess through the use of advanced and emerging technology. This collaboration will pave the way for an AR-based headset device (monocle), which can be worn by an aircraft mechanic over one eye when conducting maintenance on an aircraft. It will aid the users to reference detailed walkthroughs whenever required, without having to depend on handheld devices or maintenance publications.

With these innovations underway and their proven legacy of excellence in every aspect of the business, PKL is expanding its portfolio globally. PKL will collaborate more with foreign governments as well as U.S. companies developing new and innovative aviation technologies for both military and commercial aircraft maintenance, training, and logistics support. PKL already has a robust presence in Southeast Asia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has recently signed agreements in five Latin American countries with more countries pending agreement approval. “Propelled by the oars of personal accountability and teamwork, PKL will continue rowing straight toward the common goal of becoming a market leader in aircraft maintenance, training, and logistics,” concludes Gough.
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PKL Services

Poway, CA

Patrick J. Gough, CEO

PKL Services, Inc. is an elite provider of skilled personnel based in California delivering aviation maintenance, training, and logistics management services for its aerospace and defense customers. The Company is focused on continual improvement, often exceeding customer expectations when it comes to enhancing the quality standards of aircraft maintenance, training, and logistics support in dynamic conditions. By choosing PKL, clients can expect a partnership that balances agile, effective performance with an unyielding commitment to their core values. As a testament to its capabilities, the Company was recently awarded a new contract to provide material and logistical support to the fifth-generation F-35 fighter aircraft for the U.S. Navy, a new contract to provide operational maintenance service support the VX-9, the U.S. Navy’s Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron, and the C-2 Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) aircraft assigned to VRC-30

PKL Services

"The company is focused on continual improvement, often exceeding customer expectations when it comes to enhancing the quality standards of aircraft maintenance, training, and logistics support in dynamic conditions."

- Patrick J. Gough, CEO