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Mark Smith, President, Millimeter Wave ProductsMark Smith, President
Ever the course of the past few decades, the demand for millimeter wave and microwave products has risen steadily and reached an exciting phase because of the growing number of commercial and military applications. The advancements in communication systems in defense, aerospace, telecom, and other industries have catapulted the need for millimeter wave and microwave products, given its potential to increase sensing and connectivity and facilitate high-speed communications.

Although there are numerous players catering to the millimeter wave industry today, it’s worth highlighting when one company has been able to consistently provide top-quality products at a price that is competitive to a diverse customer base for over 32 years. Coming a long way from its onset as a manufacturer of limited millimeter wave components in 1989, Millimeter Wave Products (Mi-Wave) prides itself on providing exceptional products to its clients in the defense, aerospace, communications, space, automobile, and other industries.

Mi-Wave specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of millimeter wave and microwave products. The Florida-based manufacturer predominantly manufactures millimeter wave components and sub-assemblies with frequencies ranging between 12.4–320GHz. Their extensive product portfolio encompasses transceivers, frequency up/down-converters, amplifiers, multipliers, antennas, waveguide proponents and, control products, which are among the over two thousand electronic components and products that Mi-Wave manufactures.

Mi-Wave delivers what it promises to its clients both in terms of product quality and delivery timelines. The Mi-Wave team ensures that even the orders with short delivery times are fulfilled quickly.

With the help of highly advanced machines that are programmed for a nighttime run, Mi- Wave has been able to consistently deliver bulk volume products within the stipulated time, with no compromise on quality. With over 23,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Mi-Wave designs, tests, and manufactures every product inside its units.
Lokesh Saggam, Vice President, Engineering and Product Development
“In simple terms, the units within our plant—design labs, testing labs, anechoic chamber, and manufacturing units—act as a one-stop-shop fulfilling all the needs of a customer,” says Mark Smith, president, Millimeter Wave Products.

It comes as no surprise that Mi-Wave, with its longevity and experience in the industry, has more than 4000 loyal customers globally, a fine testament to its flexibility in attuning to clients’ demands. The company’s diversified list of clients includes the federal government, defense contractors, universities, cellular phone companies, research companies, automobile companies, and satellite companies. Mi-Wave’s remarkable success can be attributed to its ability to work in close collaboration with customers and deliver beyond their expectations. From the inception of an idea to when a product is delivered, Mi- Wave makes sure that the client and the internal teams work closely to bring out the best possible output. In addition to these perks, to ensure the products are highly durable and of fine quality, Mi-Wave tests all these manufactured products in an automated 24-hour test cycle and simulates a long mission life in rugged settings. Another notable aspect of Mi-Wave is that it does not buy products from vendors in other countries, which means everything it uses to make its products is solely manufactured within the U.S.
  • In simple terms, the units within our plant act as a one-stop-shop fulfilling all the needs of a customer

Owing to the consistency in delivering first-class products, the company has been able to increase its customer acquisition and retention rates at a steady pace. Mi-Wave has been able to work with many of the world’s leading technology and communications companies and wow them with its cutting-edge products. One among its esteemed clientele includes AT&T, the world’s largest telecommunications company. Mi-Wave comprehended AT&T’s requirements clearly and provided specialized, one-of-a-kind products in line with their requirements to serve their 5G base stations. “AT&T was very satisfied and continues to award us with even larger contracts,” remarks Lokesh Saggam, vice president, engineering and product development, Millimeter Wave Products.

For the road ahead, Mi-Wave aspires to support its customers with new innovations and unique solutions and grow further by keeping tabs on emerging technologies and rollouts of products and components in the market.
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Mark Smith, President and Lokesh Saggam, Vice President, Engineering and Product Development

Mi-Wave specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of millimeter wave and microwave products

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