Hypergiant: Harnessing Outer Space Data Insights

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Ben Lamm, Co-Founder and CEO, HypergiantBen Lamm, Co-Founder and CEO
If one remembers the title sequence of the famous science fiction series Star Trek (1966), the phrase, ‘Space, the final frontier,’ might sound familiar. The idea behind the phrase was to encourage mankind to look beyond Earth and explore a ‘strange new world’—space. Although at the time it was a dream, today, with the influx of technology, humanity has successfully traversed into this ‘strange world,’ multiple times. And, the modern-day scientists have come to believe that there lies a trove of abundant resources, which, if harnessed with the right technology, can provide safer and more sustainable living environments for all of humanity.

Inspired by this possibility, the space tech solution providers are exploring ideas related to ‘space situational awareness,’ which means exploring deeper expanses of space to understand factors influencing the environment on Earth.
One such artificial intelligence (AI)-based company— Hypergiant—is at the frontline, offering its intelligent space technology to help defense and aerospace companies harness significant space data insights to analyze the potential threats, potential opportunities, new business solutions and ways to resolve large scale global issues like climate change. Named after an enormous cluster of stars, Hypergiant is true to its name—full of energy, expansive, and rare-found.

As a firm believer of AI’s transformative powers, Ben Lamm—a serial technology entrepreneur, and the co-founder and CEO of Hypergiant—sees a big opportunity for aerospace and defense companies to access the deep space gateway past the geostationary equatorial orbit (GEO) and low earth orbit (LEO), where most companies are currently focused. “This could help them acquire a broad contextual view of our planet and the hazards looming over it,” says Lamm. Forged through leading industry partnerships and cutting-edge technologies, Hypergiant takes its clients through a journey of understanding and decoding the available data sets to decipher how it can be utilized by the clients. Further, by leveraging the newfound understanding of this data, Hypergiant goes on to build solutions for their clients with the help of their proven mix of scientists, engineers, researchers, policy leaders, and more. These solutions can pull space data on real-time dashboards that deliver the information with the help of various data visualization modules to present it in an easily-digestible form.

In a very short span of time, Hypergiant has established meaningful partnerships with companies like—Dynetics, AWS, and Northrup Grumman. Besides, the company has recently launched its Hypergiant Galactic Systems division, which will focus on manufacturing AI-driven aerospace and astronautic software and hardware products. Earlier this year, the company acquired a satellite service provider called Satellite and Extraterrestrial Operations & Procedures (S.E.O.P.s). This acquisition improved Hypergiant’s capacity to launch payloads via S.E.O.P.s’ slingshot launch system and to build custom hardware and assist with payload development. “We have several customers that have benefited from this partnership, which has resulted in successful missions including the Department of Defense (DOD) and numerous government agencies,” mentions Lamm.

With innovative ideas and initiatives like these, Hypergiant has carved a niche for itself in the realm of space tech. “We believe that we should not have to wait for the future we were promised but instead build it ourselves,” says Lamm. As the company continues to grow, it plans to work with the federal government inclusive of military agencies and private companies who work with the federal government. The company will continue to focus on improving situational space awareness and developing complex and new threat models. The moonshot goal of the company is to improve life on Earth by making it more sustainable and inhabitable in the long run.
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Ben Lamm, Co-Founder and CEO

Hypergiant Industries focuses on solving humanity’s most challenging problems and leading the way in data intelligence as humankind enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To accomplish this mission, the company creates emerging AI-driven technologies and develops world-changing commercial products and solutions for Fortune 500 and government clients. As the parent corporation over a roster of divisions, Hypergiant Industries serves verticals that include space science and exploration, satellite communications, aviation, defense, healthcare, transportation and municipal infrastructure, food and beverage, retail, and more. Founded in 2018, the company has offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Washington, DC