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Dave Bristol, Owner / President & CEO, Acquisition IntegrationDave Bristol, Owner / President & CEO
When Dave Bristol, an accomplished Aviation Acquisition Lieutenant Colonel, was retiring from his position in the U.S. Army, he realized his work was not yet over. On the contrary, his journey was just starting. Bristol wanted to utilize his close to three decades of experience in the military aviation, acquisition, and logistics landscape to solve the many sourcing and procurement challenges that were replete across the Department of Defense (DoD), Other Government Agencies, Foreign Military Sales, and commercial sectors. Platform readiness, particularly, was void across platforms.

With the intent of transforming this status-quo, Bristol founded Acquisition Integration (AI) in 2013, which serves as an SBA certified Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with professional core capabilities in Aerospace and Ground Distribution, Logistics, Training, Life Cycle Management, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO), Manufacturing, and Engineering Services. With innovation at its core, the Acquisition Integration team offers clients cost-effective solutions suited to their requirements. As an example, the company has a state-of the-art VR/AR/MR program for maintenance training, which is easily adaptable to other applications.

Notably, the Acquisition Integration team specializes in Program and Contract Management with emphasis in the planning and execution of Integrated Logistics/Product Support and Total Package Approach. Bristol states, “Acquisition Integration performs all capabilities in accordance with our certified ISO 9001:2015, AS9120B, and AS9100D quality management system.” In addition to strong established OEM relationships for authentic spare parts and technical expertise, Acquisition Integration has over 500 ISO certified aviation and ground system vendors in support of a comprehensive, fully traceable supply chain and obsolescence program for current and legacy platforms. Acquisition Integration maintains a DCMA audited Counterfeit Avoidance and Detection Program and is ITAR registered. Its certified QMS and comprehensive effective processes enables the company to be recognized as a Qualified Suppliers List Distributor for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Impressed by Bristol’s efforts, Allan Lanceta—a retired U.S. Army Colonel and a former Brigade Commander of the Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD)—also joined ranks with Bristol, taking the position of Vice President for Operations and Business development at Acquisition Integration. Lanceta’s firsthand knowledge in component repair and overhaul, coupled with his expertise in aircraft remanufacturing at CCAD, further bolstered Acquisition Integration’s foothold in the DoD, FMS, and civil aviation logistics space. With CCAD being the world’s largest military helicopter repair facility, Lanceta brought that capability and expertise to expand Acquisition Integration’s overall level of support to DOD and commercial programs. His knowledge as a combat Army Aviator also brought a high level of expertise in training and execution of aviation tasks.

Bristol also recruited Emmitt Rodriguez, who now serves as the Acquisition Integration Vice President of Technology and Sustainment Strategies. Rodriguez possesses over 40 years of US government, FMS, and commercial aviation experience gained over a career of leadership roles. Emmitt is a recognized leader with exceptional success, developing and executing aviation logistics, maintenance, and acquisition programs. His cross-functional experience provides Acquisition Integration the unique ability to bring our clients, partners, and ventures together to deliver long-term value.

Today, Acquisition Integration has cemented its position as the goto provider for a gamut of aerospace distribution, logistics, technical, and manufacturing services. The company takes all complexities out of its clients’ aircraft lifecycle requirements, and it becomes extremely easy for defense, FMS, and commercial aviation organizations to locate and acquire specific components and related services.

Leading the Way to Sourcing and Maintaining Success

To further illustrate the value that Acquisition Integration brings to its clients, Lanceta mentions a recent contract when the company had assisted the U.S. Army Program Executive Office (PEO) and Multi-National Aviation Special Project Office (PM MASPO) to source and deliver critical MD 500E helicopter parts for El Salvador. Acquisition Integration went beyond just locating the exact components and made certain that the entire acquisition process was quick and cost-effective. The end result? Acquisition Integration saved PM MASPO and its foreign nation partner almost 25 percent of the total cost of sourcing while also ensuring that all MD 500E fleet were delivered on-time, which significantly enhanced El Salvador’s operational readiness.

This is but one of several such success stories that Acquisition Integration has scripted over the years. According to Bristol, this has all been possible because of the company’s skilled workforce handpicked for its extraordinary knowledge and expertise. They also hold many professional and industry certifications, attributing to the company’s adherence to the highest standards. “Additionally, our DCMAaudited counterfeit detection and mitigation plan ensures that only the authentic parts and components reach our customers. Anything that is not verified and validated does not enter our supply chain,” says Lanceta.

Riding on the coattails of such exceptional competencies, Acquisition Integration is now well on its way to become a leading player for acquisition and parts sourcing across the DoD, OGA, FMS and commercial aviation sectors. Moving forward, the company will enhance its manufacturing capabilities further by strengthening its OEM relationships for the benefit of its ever-expanding client base. “Our goal is to become the world’s most trusted and respected sourcing and MRO support partner in the defense, OGA, FMS, and commercial aviation markets,” concludes Bristol
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Acquisition Integration

Huntsville, AL

Dave Bristol, Owner / President & CEO and Allan Lanceta, Vice President, Operations & Business Development, Emmitt Rodriguez, Vice President, Technology & Sustainment Strategies

Acquisition Integration is an aerospace acquisition, distribution, logistics, technical firm specializing in integrated logistics and product support for DoD, OGA, FMS, and commercial aviation sectors. Today, Acquisition Integration has become the go-to provider for a gamut of aerospace supply chain and lifecycle services, including procurement, kitting, specialty packaging, manufacturing, and lifecycle management of MRO components. Acquisition Integration takes all complexities out of the clients’ supply chain and related aircraft requirements no matter if it is from OEMs or any other government sources

Acquisition Integration

"Acquisition Integration has cemented its position as the goto provider for a gamut of aerospace distribution, logistics, technical, and manufacturing services. Acquisition Integration takes all complexities out of its clients’ aircraft lifecycle requirements, and it becomes extremely easy for defense, OGA, FMS, and commercial aviation organizations to locate and acquire specific components and services"

- Dave Bristol, Owner / President & CEO