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Wes Fox, CEO and Chief Weapons and Tactics Instructor, United Defense TacticalWes Fox, CEO and Chief Weapons and Tactics Instructor
The multi-dimensional skills needed to overcome unforeseeable challenges on the battlefield can only be developed by training in an environment that closely mimics the actual battlefield. Real stakes are needed to motivate trainees to engage all their senses and prepare them for real-world incident response.

United Defense Tactical (UDT) brings these stakes into the training through the combination of real-world combat ranges, cutting-edge simulation facilities, and highly experienced military and law enforcement veterans. UDT puts the ‘train like you fight’ tenet into practice, ensuring that the trainees are ready to ‘fight like they have trained’ when the time comes.

“Our reality-based combat training programs mirror real-life scenarios that military and law enforcement personnel might encounter during their operations or missions,” says Wes Fox, CEO and Chief Weapons and Tactics Instructor.

The trainees are placed in carefully planned and customized real-world scenarios, where they have to de-escalate or engage with real or simulated adversaries in high-stress situations. The company consistently engages and trains their senses through repeated sessions, preparing them to overcome life-threatening conditions with the confidence of having ‘been there before,’ to take on combat challenges without hesitation.

UDT is headquartered in Costa Mesa in Orange County, CA, where its simulation facilities are located. The company conducts its live fire programs on a nearby 1500-acre property. From individual sessions to team drills, the company has the ability to deliver almost every form of combat training required by the defense industry.

Training is overseen by highly skilled and experienced instructors who come from backgrounds that include the FBI, SWAT, Special Forces, U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), and private military contractors (PMC). This enables the company to apply real world knowledge and experience to their training programs, which include handgun and rifle mastery, advanced concealed carry concepts, vehicle close quarter battle (VCQB), operator tactics CQB, helicopter interdiction, scout sniper course, and self-defense training.

Perfecting the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) Loop

UDT believes that instilling the OODA loop is the key to overcoming complex situations on the battlefield or any other conflict scenario. However, integrating the OODA loop into everyday military and law enforcement operations requires more than just ‘chalk and talk’ or static gun range training.
For state-of-the-art simulator training, UDT utilizes over 1,500 reality-based, dynamic scenarios, each customized according to the potential situations that military or law enforcement personnel might encounter during their operations. These sessions are performed either in the combat range or in 360-degree simulation facilities with infrared laser weapons. Military markers and rubber sim-type rounds are leveraged for indoor range work and force-on-force training. The company is also working on incorporating its own training round, which will facilitate the safe utilization of real guns during the training programs.

Whether it is military or law enforcement personnel, they are trained to leverage the OODA loop method in every situation.

“By instilling the OODA loop throughout our training regimen, military and law enforcement personnel are able to filter all available information, put it in context of the situation, and quickly make the most appropriate decision, while also modifying the decision as more data becomes available,” says Fox.

Our Reality-Based Combat Training Programs Mirror Real-Life Scenarios That Military And Law Enforcement Personnel Might Encounter During Their Operations Or Missions

The instructors act as adversaries who force the trainees to step out of their comfort zones and feel the pressure of real-world situations. UDT’s instructors train personnel to predict the actions of their adversaries and counter them, using the environment to their advantage. For instance, if they decide not to use a weapon against the adversary, UDT ensures they are prepared to leverage hand-to-hand combat and self-defense tactics, or that they know to apply the right techniques to stall multiple adversaries until backup arrives.

While training the personnel to orient themselves during confrontations, UDT ensures that their observation and decision-making ability is not influenced or clouded by their ingrained beliefs and cognitive biases. UDT teaches the trainees to emphasize the right information and form the best decisions while always keeping their minds open to new information and ideas.

“Our reality-based programs are designed to evoke the crucial flight or fight response as well as the ability to manage the response under high pressure, so that the military or law enforcement personnel are prepared to act appropriately when faced with similar conditions in the field,” says Fox.

The Right Breathing Techniques for Enhanced Performance

UDT understands the role of breathing during a highly stressful situation on the battlefield. When under pressure, the sympathetic nervous system kicks into action, triggering adrenaline release, which can cloud the judgment of the personnel and lead them to take impulsive actions. UDT’s breathing techniques—developed jointly with the training performance company, XPT—are designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which alleviates stress and enhances the thought process. UDT enables the trainees to develop this ability by conducting a variety of drills to establish and retain the breathing muscle memory, so they can easily handle the heightened state of reality and pressure. By ingraining UDT’s combat breathing techniques, they will be able to maintain a calm composure when communicating, de-escalating, or using force when dealing with threat situations.

Throughout the training programs, UDT tracks their biometric readings, including breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure, to determine their progress. By keeping a birds-eye view of the entire training, UDT’s instructors are able to notice the slightest inconsistencies in the trainees’ techniques and correct them instantly.
A Curriculum Designed for Consistent Performance

The biggest differentiator for UDT is the delivery approach of its training programs. The company conducts frequent sessions designed to ensure consistent practice and develop lasting muscle memory, which cannot be achieved through a one-day or one-week training course or seminar. The lessons learned in the brief sessions will inevitably be forgotten and won’t be long before the muscle memory fades.

UDT’s ‘ongoing curriculum’ is designed to overcome this. Customized as per the unique requirements of clients, the company’s curriculum encapsulates everything needed to consistently build, nurture, and perfect the skill sets needed for personnel to achieve proficiency in their respective fields. Although many of these skills are taught in military or law enforcement academies, learners are liable to lose touch with the techniques without frequent training. UDT enables them to perfect the learned techniques through consistent practice, ensuring they are always accessible in their ‘arsenal.’
  • For State-Of-The-Art Simulator Training, UDT Utilizes Over 1,500 Reality-Based, Dynamic Scenarios, Each Customized According To The Potential Situations That Military Or Law Enforcement Personnel Might Encounter During Their Operations

The trainees can also attend UDT’s ongoing training programs on an adjustable, weekly schedule. As long as they are consistent and keep their skills up to date, they will always be a step ahead of their potential adversaries.

Improved Outcomes with Personalized Training

UDT’s competencies are exemplified in a recent example, when the company’s services were sought by various law enforcement agencies and individual law enforcement officers, who are facing many hurdles in implementing appropriate training routines that address their budgetary restrictions and high workloads. UDT, in this regard, imparts sufficient proficiency without requiring substantial effort on the part of law enforcement officers.

It does not take long for the law enforcement officers to become engaged and invested in the training program. Many of them even attest to having learned more in UDT’s two-day sessions than any other training they usually attend. In fact, during officer involved shootings or other high-risk incidents, the officers are able to apply the skills ingrained from UDT’s training program and survive with minimal injuries.

Such instances are not limited to military or law enforcement personnel. Civilians are able to develop high-level firearm and tactical skills needed for self-defense against ever-increasing threats. Civilians can learn the most current self-defense techniques and procedures, which will guide them to perform expertly in a variety of scenarios. Even if they are unable to attend live training sessions, they can enroll in UDT’s online courses. Civilians are instructed on multiple home defense techniques, including threat recognition, prioritization of events, appropriate communication, intruder control, and after-action communication with authorities. These courses are designed to help civilians keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

UDT is now broadening access throughout the U.S. by launching new training facilities. The company continually innovates and adds new training programs, including an online university to support military personnel, law enforcement officers, and civilians in leveling up their firearm fundamentals. The company, through its unique training approaches, will continue equipping its members with the right tool sets required to safeguard communities and protect innocent lives.
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United Defense Tactical

Costa Mesa, CA

Wes Fox, CEO and Chief Weapons and Tactics Instructor

UDT is the premier provider of firearms and tactical training for civilians, military, and law enforcement. From fundamentals to active shooter training, military personnel can build their knowledge of actual combat situations and develop the skills needed to deal with the threats effectively.

United Defense Tactical

"Our Reality-Based Combat Training Programs Mirror Real-Life Scenarios That Military And Law Enforcement Personnel Might Encounter During Their Operations Or Missions"

- Wes Fox, CEO and Chief Weapons and Tactics Instructor