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Vladan Miskovic, President and CEO, TurbopowerVladan Miskovic, President and CEO
The world of aviation has come a long way in the last 100 years. Since the inception of commercial flight in 1914, air travel has changed significantly. Where once people were wary of traveling in an airplane, they are now starting to trust the high safety and security standards in the aviation industry. But, it is interesting to note that behind the safety innovations in the sector, there lies the unseen effort and dedication of expert aviation MRO crews.

While many MROs have been able to keep up with the complexities of servicing and maintaining a diverse range of modern aircraft, there are some that have embraced foresighted innovation and managed to stay one step ahead. In this regard, Turbopower has become an epitome of excellence in the aircraft MRO field. Despite rising material costs, transportation challenges, and talent shortages that are becoming rampant in the industry, Turbopower has provided superior efficiency, effectiveness, and speed when delivering industry-leading MRO services to its clients.

Backed by 45 years of experience in the MRO business, the company provides value-added engine services, component maintenance, and overhaul services to a global fleet of military, commercial, and corporate-owned aircraft. Turbopower is one of only eight certified Rolls-Royce Authorized Maintenance Centers (AMC) globally, and one of three AMCs domestically. Whether it is engine testing for Rolls Royce Allison T56/501 engines, Pratt Whitney Canada PT6A/PT6T engines, Lockheed Martin Quick Engine Change Kits (QECK) for C130 or P3 Orion aircraft, clients can always depend on Turbopower to deliver the best services. “I would say the AMC designation is probably the most important differentiator apart from theFederal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Repair Station certifications we have,” adds Vladan Miskovic, President and Lead Executive of Turbopower.

The Epitome of MRO Excellence
What really sets Turbopower apart is its ability to combine the facets of high customizability associated with a smaller nimble business with the time-tested and proven procedures of larger MRO organizations. “By combining the best of both worlds, we provide our clients with tailored maintenance, repair, engineering, and overhaul services that are cost-effective, expedient, and consistent,” offers Miskovic. Interestingly, most of this work takes place in a 100,000 square-foot, stateof- the-art facility specifically designed to service engine lines (including two on-site engine test cells), while also housing Turbopower’s QECK (Quick Engine Check Kit) for quality and performance testing.
Whenever clients need MRO services or testing, they can detach the engine from their aircraft and ship it directly to Turbopower’s facility where the engine goes through several repair and servicing cycles. The specialists at Turbopower usually leverage in-house parts to restore the engine to a serviceable state, and if particular spare parts are not available, they procure them through the company’s supply chain partners, all the while adhering to FAA Repair Station requirements. “Finally, we verify that the engine has been properly fixed, reconditioned, tested, and is ready to be reinstalled on the wing,” comments Miskovic. The overhauled engines are certified and approved by the FAA and the Airworthiness Approval Tag (8130 tags). “We pride ourselves on the quality of services that we offer, and our clients would certify that we service/ refurbish both the Allison T56 engine and the Pratt Whitney Canada PT6 engine with fine workmanship,” offers Miskovic.

Needless to say, Turbopower has a reputation for consistently producing high-quality products. The company is also putting a lot of effort into optimizing its turnaround time (TAT), which provides significant value to customers. To this end, Turbopower is focused on further reducing the 90-day TAT for the T56 engine and achieving a 50–60-day TAT for the PT6 engine.

Reaching these TAT goals in the next few months is not far-fetched, as Turbopower is home to some of the most skilled experts who are very well-versed in crucial areas of MRO. “Several members of our team come with decades of experience. And if you add them up, it’s clear that we have hundreds of years of combined experience here,” highlights Miskovic. Turbopower leverages this combined skill-base to address its customers unique problems, including installation or operation of an engine. The clients always rest assured that Turbopower is only a phone call away to troubleshoot any of their queries.

To illustrate the value and nature of its customer solutions, Miskovic narrates a case wherein the company assisted an overseas Air Force with a significant fleet of aircraft. In this instance, the lack of field service capabilities made it difficult for the Air Force to conduct comprehensive engine inspections and perform required MRO overhauls. In addition, the customer did not have the resources required to train its staff to troubleshoot or perform some of the less technical tasks, leading to extensive downtime whenever an aircraft went out of order. These challenges led the customer to calling upon Turbopower. Once the contract was finalized, Turbopower began by examining the full fleet and determining the units that needed comprehensive MRO services. The relevant units were then taken to Turbopower’s facility for the prescribed essential MRO solutions before being subjected to the required quality and performance testing necessary to return to service. Going a step further, Turbopower also provided full training for selected Air Force personnel as part of the service contract. As a result, the Air Force customer secured the internal capability to conduct simpler MRO tasks, with Turbopower always ready in the background to offer immediate, higherlevel MRO services whenever needed. The end result was that the Air Force customer no longer faced excessive downtimes when it had to conduct aircraft repair or maintenance.
  • Whether It Is Engine Testing For Rolls Royce Allison T56/501 Engines, Pratt Whitney Canada PT6A/PT6T Engines, Lockheed Martin Quick Engine Change Kits (QECK) For C130 Or P3 Orion Aircraft, Clients Can Always Depend On Turbopower To Deliver The Best Services

With such success stories under its hood, Turbopower is generating significant double-digit annual revenue growth which is enabling the company to develop evermore innovative customer solutions while continuing to compress TAT. “Above all, we are continually seeking business growth from both new and existing customers by providing excellent and timely solutions, while also adding new services and offerings through significant internal investment,” concludes Miskovic
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Vladan Miskovic, President and CEO

For over 45 years, Turbopower has been providing value-added engine and component repair and overhaul services to a worldwide fleet of the military, commercial, and corporate-owned aircraft. As one of only eight certified Rolls-Royce Authorized Maintenance Centers globally and three domestically, Turbopower supports Rolls Royce Allison T56/501 engines, as well as Pratt Whitney Canada PT6A/PT6T engines and Lockheed Martin Quick Engine Change Kits (QECK) for C130 and P3 Orion aircraft. In addition, Turbopower offers accessory and component repairs, including auxiliary power units. Their practices and procedures are those of larger, well-run corporations, which mean these tailored solutions are cost-effective and consistent.