Tier1 MRO: Simplifying MRO with Cost-Efficient, Comprehensive Solutions

Michael Sheff, CEO, Tier1 MROMichael Sheff, CEO
Prior to the introduction and widespread use of sensors and smart equipment, MROsfollowed a predictive routine that involved tedious tasks ranging from preventative maintenance of equipment and hardware to a very manual, resource-heavy way of tracking functionalities. As manufacturers began to implement vending and smart equipment for their MRO necessities, they were able to better track equipment performance and maintenance needs, vastly reducing or eliminating the cost inefficiencies of outdated routines. However, despite the numerous advantages a manufacturer could attainby utilizing these technologies, a major drawback for all stakeholders within the industry was the fact that MRO suppliers only provided equipment and not a definitive, engineeredsolution to the MRO problems. At this juncture, a company that offers a comprehensive assessment of a client’s operation, as well as an all-inclusivefully Engineered MRO solution that sets it apart from other organizations is Tier 1 MRO.

The company provides custom inventory control solutions for maintenance, repair, and day-to-day operations, utilizing technology to efficiently and in real-time control and track inventory movement. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Tier 1 MROhas a proven track record of saving money for existing clients in the energy, industrial, healthcare, manufacturing, military, transportation (aviation, automotive, etc.), and utility industries through its solutions. Tier 1 MRO has made this possible through diligently working alongside a client on their site and assessing how to eliminate waste during maintenance, followed by a suitable solution for the issue. “We have a staff of engineers who understand how to eliminate waste and understand the teachings of total quality and lean technology to improve a client’soperational efficiency,” states Michael Sheff, CEO of Tier 1 MRO. The company performs onsite assessments for its clients to identify areas of concern and then provides them with a detailed report of the evaluation with the recommendedsolution.
Following client approval, Tier 1 MRO enters the engineering phase, where it develops a robust root-cause solution by conducting an unbiased options analysis of various manufacturers of vertical lift, RFID-Portal, and other technologies. The company then provides a reasonable quotation to a client for its comprehensive solution, which includes technologies from a wide range of manufacturers.“We provide an assessment andengineer a detailed solutionfor our clients. Scenarios are presented using equipment from different partner manufacturers along with the pricing, specifications and included options from each. The client simply chooses which scenario they want.”explains Michael.

Tier 1 MRO focuses on providing a comprehensive solution for its clients, as evidenced by numerous ubiquitous companies that return to it for assistance in other operations.Typically, the company offers clients with a pilot solution to validate the merit of its competencies. The logic at play is that, if Tier 1 MRO can provide a systemic solution for that portion of the problem, it should be able to take care of the rest of their operation with little difficulty, showcasing the proof of concept of its efficient work ethic. “We start with the most difficult areas and usually recommend a pilot. Once the pilot is successful, we recommend a systemic solution across their operations to reduce risk, such as overspending. This allows them to spend a small amount of money while learning a lot about their potential,” states Michael. The company earns trustby providing a site assessment at no cost to the prospective client. It gathers a complete picture of their operation, analyses the findings, creates a report, and recommends possible solutions with an estimated return on investment.
  • We Engineer Technology solutions for our clients that deliver as promised. We are experts in this space

Currently, Tier 1 MRO is in the Implementation phase of a major project at a very large aircraft MRO facility in Texas. Once complete, and the operation is routinely running under the new transition protocol, it will then provide continued support as needed remotely and/or onsite. In this particular instance, Tier 1 MRO quickly translated 12 months of operationaldata into actionable insights and helped them evaluate numerous technologies that enabled them toefficiently manage assets, free up working capital, minimize waste streams and operating costs. Similarly, the company is assisting a wide range of industries by utilizing various technologies that are included in its systemic solutions for its clients. “A culture of continuous improvement and willingness to look outside of a Company’s normal menu of solution options is key to enabling the breakthrough solutions that we have provided. We often encounter situations where we recommend solutions that our clients have never been exposed to. Once implemented, the operation often undergoes a breakthrough transformationin productivity improvement and reduced waste.We Engineer Technology solutions for our clients that deliver as promised. We are experts in this space.” emphatically concludes Michael.

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Tier1 MRO

Cincinnati, Ohio

Michael Sheff, CEO

Tier 1 MRO provides a comprehensive assessment of a client’s operation as well as automated inventory control solutions based on cutting-edge technology

Tier1 MRO