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Jim Lee, CEO, simpleQuEJim Lee, CEO
Major aviation, space, and defense organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, NATO, and others require their suppliers to be certified to a certain quality management system (QMS) standard, like AS9100, AS9110, AS9120, or ISO 9001. Certifications are vital to any customer-supplier relations, and maintaining these through appropriate authorities is an ever-evolving process a company needs to execute to avoid falling short of the expected aerospace quality standards.

SimpleQuE is an ISO 9001 certified, independent consulting, training, and second-party auditing service provider that assists its clients in obtaining and maintaining certifications through accredited certification bodies. Its most valued asset is its ability to stay ahead of the curve in order to advise and assist clients with upcoming changes and new developments from the aerospace industry oversight bodies and to implement these with all the services it provides.

“We know what’s coming down the road because we are engaged in industry and standard writing activities, and with that knowledge, we help our clients and staff know and prepare most effectively and efficiently,” says Jim Lee, CEO of simpleQuE.

Lee has headed a certification body, has been a certified aerospace auditor for 12 years, and has experience in performing third-party audits in the industry. He is a member of the Americas Aerospace Quality Group and International.
Aerospace Quality Group - Space and Defense Forums, has served as a vice chair on one of the aerospace AS standard writing committees, and currently participates on two of the AS standard rewrite committees. This in-depth experience allows him to craft the dedicated solutions simpleQuE provides.

SimpleQuE’s three service lines consist of consulting, second-party or internal auditing, and training. These focus on improving or implementing the QMS, evaluating clients’ systems, and training internal auditors to help the company address their needs within their infrastructure. SimpleQuE excels at each with the help of its exceptional team that has in-depth experience with auditing and working in the aerospace, defense, and certification industries.

This understanding of the industry is paired with its knowledge of client needs, which plays a significant part in simpleQuE’s onboarding process. Depending on the type of project, it assigns a specialist who is handpicked for their industry expertise to meet a client’s specific needs and requirements. Consultants follow a four-step process, which includes a gap analysis, establishing an action plan, implementing the plan to bridge the gap, and helping clients achieve their goals for obtaining and maintaining certification.
  • We know what’s coming down the road because we are engaged in industry and standard writing activities, and with that knowledge, we help our clients prepare most effectively and efficiently

Customers trust and rely upon simpleQuE’s consultants to stay on top of the industry requirements and changes. A moment of pride for simpleQuE was when one of its consultants asked a customer if they were aware of the new AS13100 standard and requirements due to their being a direct supplier to an aerospace engine manufacturer. Their response was “No.” The customer explained that this was exactly why they hired simpleQuE, because they can rely on simpleQuE to keep them informed of industry changes to requirements and keep them out of trouble. Ultimately, the partnership helped them with their largest aerospace and defense customer by preparing them to comply with the new standard.

SimpleQuE’s aim is to be simple and practical. The “QuE” in its name stands for Quality Excellence, and its goal is to effortlessly ensure quality excellence. Through its integrated methodology and deep understanding of requirements, simpleQuE continues to be the insurance policy for its clients’ certification needs and helps them stay one step ahead.
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Jim Lee, CEO

Since 2005, simpleQuE has been an industry leader in ISO, AS, and IATF® consulting, auditing, and training. By continually upholding its mission to provide simple, effective, and customized solutions, they have guided more than 1000 organizations toward implementing and maintaining their quality and environmental management systems.