Rhotheta International Inc.: Trailblazing Radio Direction Finders for Maritime Applications

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Ventura Rigol, CEO and GM, Rhotheta International Inc.Ventura Rigol, CEO and GM
Considering that most boaters and outdoor enthusiasts often travel beyond cellphone towers coverage, mariners in distress will rely on activation of their EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) or PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) so that search-and-rescue (SAR) crews employing radio direction finders (RDFs) over very high frequency (VHF) and ultra-high-frequency (UHF) will be able to locate and rescue them. RDFs are thus considered an essential mission tool for vessels conducting SAR operations.

Development and manufacture of high-quality professional RDFs is what Rhotheta Elektronik GmbH with HQ in Murnau, Germany - has been doing for over 30 years, while the international distribution and support of such RDFs is the core mission of Florida-headquartered Rhotheta International.

Rhotheta International Inc. (RHI) is a value-added international distributor for all Rhotheta RDFs, as well as ancillary software and hardware products that supplement the DF systems. Besides distribution and sales to dealers, OEMs, system integrators, and completion centers, RHI’s mission includes system integration support and service of the above products for search-and-rescue (SAR), air traffic control (ATC), vessel traffic service (VTS), law enforcement, and special mission operators worldwide. RHI regularly interfaces with design responsible parties to guarantee an optimal integration, operation, and maintenance of all Rhotheta RDFs.

With a focus on competitive price performance ratios, short lead times, fast service turnaround time, and personalized product support, RHI participates in programs whereby organizations such as USAF AUX-Civil Air Patrol, the Canadian Coast Guard, the U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. public safety agencies get their operations - and situational awareness - enhanced by using high-performing Rhotheta RDFs.
“The competitive advantage of Rhotheta RDFs lies in their high quality and performance, offered at excellent price-performance ratios, with flexible modifications, short lead times, and prompt product support; they feature multi-band/multi-function capabilities supported by a well-engineered Doppler implementation, high rotation speed for rapid bearing acquisition, and small, lightweight antenna-unit designs,” says Ventura Rigol, CEO and GM, Rhotheta International. Good examples of the above advantages are the Rhotheta models RT-300 and RT-500-M.

The RT-300 is an affordable all-purpose communications two-band RDF designed for civilian and military use. It operates on the Air (AM) and Marine (FM) bands for SAR, MOB, and radio monitoring applications. The RT-300 is intended primarily for ship borne installation, although sometimes it gets installed as a stationary unit by some users.
  • The competitive advantage of Rhotheta RDFs lies on their high quality and performance, offered at excellent price performance ratios, with flexible modifications, short lead times, and prompt product support

Rhotheta currently works on developments - in cooperation with other marine electronics manufacturers (OEMs) - to modernize and optimize the integration of the DF into their networks and sensors; one such development targets the integration of the RT-300 with small boat MFDs.

The RT-500-M is a high performance, multi-band RDF designed for ship-borne operations in the harshest conditions. It operates on all VHF and UHF international distress frequencies/channels and can cover the entire 118 to 470 MHz range. The RT-500-M is primarily used for SAR and MOB operations but also for applications such as the recovery of marine assets, with selective detection of buoys and beacons at sea.

Additionally, Rhotheta offers the model RT-202, a single-frequency RDF in use by the U.S. Navy intended for MOB rescue at the 121.500 MHz international emergency frequency. The company is also advancing its direction finder technology by introducing software-defined radio (SDR) technology and next-generation RDFs in a timely manner. Rhotheta aims to continue being a reliable supplier of innovative RDF technology for customers worldwide.
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Ventura Rigol, CEO and GM

Rhotheta has developed a comprehensive line of radio direction finders for air, land, and sea operations, finding a competitive edge in the industry through a keen dedication to customer service and an optimal price/performance ratio.

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