Ramona Research: Streamlining Communication for C4ISR Systems

Dean Lentz, Managing Director, Ramona ResearchDean Lentz, Managing Director
An intricate and critical relationship exists between communication equipment, like transmitters, amplifiers, and receivers, and transmitting information to and from C4ISR platforms. Each of these elements creates the perfect setup for seamless, fundamental communication.

Ramona Research, an AS9100D-certified engineering and manufacturing firm, provides exceptional solutions with premium quality communication equipment for the C4ISR, MANET, and telemetry industries on airborne, ground, and naval platforms. Ramona Research’s rugged, reliable RF Equipment is designed for military and commercial applications. Their catalog features full duplex transceivers for ISR waveforms and bidirectional amplifiers for MANET waveforms. They also offer standalone single- and multi-band power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, block converters, and related RFE operating from UHF through Ku-Band.

“What differentiates us from our competitors is that our products are compatible with all the big modem players in the industry. You can take our equipment, plug it into any industry-standard industry-standard modem, and solve most every integration challenge you have,” says Dean Lentz, managing director of Ramona Research.

Ramona Research mainly focuses on transceiver and power amplifier manufacturing, facilitating communication and resolving the compatibility challenges that typically arise when integrating a system on a new platform.
Its power amplifiers prevent detrimental spectral regrowth and dynamically support the maximum transmit power level for a given waveform. The PAs offer optimal linear operation for waveforms like OFDM and OQPSK but automatically run at higher output power and efficiency for constant envelope waveforms like FSK and SOQPSK, all while ensuring out-of-the-box compatibility with VORTEX®, ROVER®, and MMT® transceivers, allowing for dynamic configuration.

High power transceivers by Ramona Research facilitate full duplex operation in various frequency bands, like L, S, C, and Ku. The transceivers combine power amplifiers, switches, and low-noise amplifiers, to simultaneously provide transmission and reception. The high-power transceivers feature software selectable signal routing, enhancing the versatility by enabling on the fly reconfiguration from ground-to-air or air-to-air relay.

Ramona Research’s bi-directional amplifiers work with time-division multiple access modems typically used in MANET applications, significantly increasing their power and range. These amplifiers are plug-and-play, requiring minimal installation and integration effort to increase the output power available from low power handheld radios.

A priority for Ramona Research is to successfully cater to client requirements. There are two approaches it follows in this regard. It provides clients with options from an extensive catalog of off-the-shelf products. Another method is using modularized components to tailor the solution for the client.
  • What differentiates us from our competitors is that our products are compatible with all the other big modem players in the industry

Whether they require a custom, specialized solution or an off-the-shelf solution to a highly complex challenge, its clients always receive optimal results. Understanding a client’s aircraft and UAS requirements is critical, and so is rapid prototype delivery followed quickly by complete production units.

“A customer approached us, and we didn’t have something off the shelf. We sat down and tried to understand what they needed. We had a prototype flying on their aircraft two weeks after the first phone call. Four weeks later, we delivered our first production hardware,” Lentz says.

The Ramona Research team’s expertise is evident in their innovations. Its solutions for facilitating full duplex communication work successfully, and it now looks to integrate newer processes for C4ISR and UAS product demands in a post-pandemic world.

Ramona Research answers some of the most challenging technical demands for UAS communication. With an innovative drive and technical expertise, it has been at the forefront of offering robust solutions that pave the way for critical developments in aerospace and aviation communication since 1978. Ramona Research is a proud provider for many of the ISR platforms flying today.
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Ramona Research

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Dean Lentz, Managing Director

An AS9100D certified engineering and manufacturing firm, Ramona Research provides premium quality communication equipment for the C4ISR, MANET, and telemetry industries on airborne, ground, and naval platforms. The rugged, reliable RF and microwave transceivers, transmitters, receivers, and power amplifiers developed by Ramona Research are designed for military and commercial applications.

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