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Joshua Hirschheimer, Associate Partner at Porsche Consulting, Porsche Consulting, Inc.Joshua Hirschheimer, Associate Partner at Porsche Consulting
Porsche has been synonymous with perfection and quality since its inception in the early 1900s. From building one of the top-performance road cars– the 100-hp Carrera in 1956– to debuting its first fully-electric vehicle, the Taycan in 2019, the company has demonstrated time and again why it is a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry. However, the journey to attaining this elite rank was riddled with uncertainties and arduous roadblocks.

In the early 1990s, when the global automobile sector faced acute economic challenges, Porsche found itself under the shadow of the recession. The company’s then-leader Wendelin Wiedeking decided to lead it towards operational agility and efficiency by streamlining production processes, cutting expenditures, and reducing waste. As a result of this strategic turnaround, Porsche Consulting was born in 1994. Established initially to serve as an internal consultancy department, the firm today partners with external clients of all kinds across industries to deliver the same level of high performance, revolutionary change, and impact with its ‘Strategic Vision, Smart Implementation’ ideology for which its namesake brand is well known. Leveraging the lessons learned from Porsche’s saga and their breadth of strategy and implementation experience, Porsche Consulting enables aerospace companies to pragmatically implement their transformation strategies, helping them define their vision, identifying and addressing the most pressing issues to create value, and fostering high levels of agility and operational efficiency across their entire organization.

“We drive strategic and operational value creation for our customers just as we have helped create value for Porsche, from its company and product strategy to its approach to and execution of automotive manufacturing and related processes,” adds Josh Hirschheimer, Associate Partner at Porsche Consulting. The firm comprehensively addresses the challenges of the end-to-end value streams of aerospace engineering, manufacturing, and production as well as the customer-facing aspects of airlines. Additionally, with strong expertise in transforming logistics planning and footprints, Porsche Consulting enables its clients to optimize the management of their supply chains and operational methodologies by transforming their existing facilities into smarter, more efficient factories.

Porsche Consulting develops bespoke proposals for its clients and potential business partners. As one example, the firm’s experts—who have decades of relevant experience—commence many consultations with a site visit to thoroughly understand the challenge and opportunity. Porsche Consulting then makes recommendations to enable its clients to become ‘the Porsche of their industry’.
The company carefully considers its clients’ strategy and objectives, understands the drivers of their performance, examines engineering and manufacturing processes, identifies possibilities for improvement, and delivers transformative impact. Doing so enables them to achieve the highest levels of performance without compromise.

The company also supports clients’ R&D projects and supply chains for cost-reduction and process optimization. As part of the venerable Volkswagen Group, Porsche Consulting brings proven methods and a wealth of firsthand knowledge and experience. “We don’t only recommend theoretical approaches to our customers; instead, we leverage the experience of proven strategies deployed and tested within the Group. Though building a car and an aircraft are vastly different, with our expertise, we adapt and scale our methods to benefit our aerospace industry clients,” highlights Gregor Harman, Partner at the company. Due to such efforts, Porsche Consulting is renowned for its bespoke, customer-centric, and innovative approaches, proven by its 98 percentile of repeat business with its clients. The company assists its clients with large-scale and small-scale transformations, upholding its philosophy of dedication. Over the years, Porsche Consulting has partnered with several OEMs, defense contractors, suppliers, and airline companies with which it has scripted several success stories.
Gregor Harman, Partner at the company

Porsche Consulting recently engaged with one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in North America, helping it design and scale its manufacturing footprint in the region. Porsche Consulting enabled the client to densify its operations, better sequence them, create optimized workstations, and foster an environment that delivered high efficiency by increasing facility output within a few months. As a result, the client increased its throughput without increasing the number of workstations. Painting an evocative picture, Harman adds, “Our team leads holistic transformations for our clients’ most complex challenges, crafting an integrated plan that fosters collaboration and ownership across different departments and driving them towards one common objective.” In addition to driving its customers toward efficiency, Porsche Consulting also emphasizes and consults them on the environmental sustainability of their operations.
  • Our experienced team brings proven expertise and an owner mindset, implements pragmatic solutions, delivers evolutionary and revolutionary results with high impact, and leaves behind an integrated plan that focuses organizations on their foremost objectives

Over the past two years, Porsche Consulting has placed significant effort on helping its clients realize their sustainability strategies. “We help organizations not only become more dynamic, competitive, efficient, and profitable but also green in their everyday operations. Since aviation is both an energy intensive and longstanding industry, we can help make the kinds of changes to production that substantially improve sustainability,” extols Hirschheimer. Porsche Consulting develops plans that blend environmental sustainability with social responsibility by incorporating carbon neutrality, circular economy, and consumer benefits. Having supported the growth of its aerospace clients in North America and Europe over the past decade, the company recently has embarked on transforming consumer travel from an end-to-end mobility perspective and supporting the electrification of the aviation industry. With customer-centric objectives in mind, Porsche Consulting is en-route to redefining its clients’ strategies, pushing the boundaries of innovation, driving higher levels of profitability and efficiency, improving shareholder value, redefining the mobility experience in the post-pandemic era, and leading aviation and other industries toward environmental sustainability
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Porsche Consulting, Inc.

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Joshua Hirschheimer, Associate Partner at Porsche Consulting and Gregor Harman, Partner at the company

With its ‘strategic vision for smart implementation’ ideology, Porsche Consulting empowers companies to define their vision and most pressing issues, pragmatically implement transformation strategies, and become the leader in their domains. With strong expertise in transforming logistics footprint, Porsche Consulting enables its clients to optimize the management of their supply chains and operational methodologies by transforming their existing facilities into smart factories. By taking into account carbon neutrality, circular economy, and consumer benefits, Porsche Consulting blends environmental sustainability and social responsibilities and strategizes plans that drive its clients towards economic development.

Porsche Consulting, Inc.