Why Governments Need to be a Leader in Cybersecurity

Why Governments Need to be a Leader in Cybersecurity

Governments around the globe are bringing more attention to cybersecurity in their efforts to safeguard critical civilian and national-security data.

FREMONT, CA: A cybersecurity breach is an ever-present threat faced by any industry that deploys on technology. It’s particularly dangerous for government agencies that keep critical civilian and national-security data in their information systems. Sensitive data is shared and stored by government agencies more and more as cloud systems and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies become common practice. However, outside mobile devices and virtualization software also makes these networks more susceptible to attack. Due to these high levels of data that the government collects and secures, the cyber stakes are raised even higher for the government sector compared to the commercial sector.

All these threats are increased for governmental agencies, as they exist as a constant target. To address these threats, government agencies should believe that cybersecurity is a high priority and for that it should be embedded throughout every aspect of technology. This will be a great instance of a government actively taking the lead role in protecting its citizens and organizations from cyber-attacks. The technology leaders are also working in cooperation with governments and private organizations to help combat this growing cyber threat landscape.

While all this work is going on, it is essential to understand that the privacy and security of government agencies and infrastructure are still firmly in their hands. There is advanced technology available today to help avoid and isolate malware attacks and to prevent the loss of valuable information stored on network servers. When developing a security architecture, it is best to include security strategies in the early stages of planning. This enables a coordinated approach to the implementation and management of the tools necessary today that will keep government agencies safe and their information secure.

Fortunately, some governments are leading the way in the initiative to fight cybercrime. With a continuing partnership, there is hope that the cyberthreat fighting governments will make great strides in securing the privacy of their citizens, safeguarding their network infrastructure and leading their peers to the path of a globally trusted network.

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