Top Technologies Reshaping Defence Industry

Fremont, CA: Industry 4.0 plays a significant role in accelerating and delivering results. It increases the product's quality and provides the necessary ruggedization, whether from extreme temperature or weather conditions. As a result, implementing Industry 4.0 technologies will enable manufacturing industries to consistently and successfully meet all of their KPIs.

The defense sector stands to profit greatly from the application of new technologies in the production of autonomous systems, robots, and various other solutions for land, sea, air, and space settings. The Central government's recent formation of a multi-stakeholder task group on the strategic application of AI demonstrates the sector's interest in emerging technology. It will assist in enhancing market speed, lower production costs, and enable more collaborative innovation in the defense space.

Let's take a look at some of the technologies that are reshaping the defense industry:

AR aids in perceiving information shown inside the soldier's visual field, minimizing the requirement for training and assistance.

Additive Manufacturing (AM)

AM employs 3D printing, which allows for decentralized production while also significantly improving output.

Here is an example of how AM aided a European country's defense capability. AM's rise has helped in cost reductions on tool and component manufacturing, design advancements, shorter time to end-user, and enhanced competitiveness on the technical and commercial fronts, among other things.

Big Data and analytics

Big Data and analytics aid in examining and analyzing data from many sources, allowing for better real-time decision-making and optimization.

The Indian defense sector is fast getting digitally revolutionized thanks to the application of AI with learning capabilities. Strategic and tactical intelligence processing has now migrated away from traditional command centers and into an autonomous and enhanced military intelligence network.

Computerized maintenance system

A computerized maintenance system is a collaborative method to maintenance repair and overhaul management. It contributes to extended asset life and lower operational costs. The United States uses a computerized maintenance system to safeguard the US Department of Defense and the government and private assets housed there. Radar tracking equipment, aeronautical hardware at the air force base, and ground support equipment are some of their maintenance software management benefits.

Repair technology

Repair technology is required to guarantee that the aircraft is maintained while maintaining airworthiness to assure the safety of the passengers and cargo during flight. AM provides complete repair technology for military aircraft components. The Australian Air Force and the Defence Aviation Safety Authority conducted the testing.

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