The Sirius Fish Mapping Service Is Now Available From Raymarine

Fremont, CA: With Sirius Fish Mapping service and Raymarine's Axiom series chart plotters, saltwater anglers can find fish faster and save gasoline.

Sirius Fish Mapping contains regularly updated fishing data delivered directly to Raymarine's Axiom displays through the SR200 Sirius Satellite Weather receiver and the new LightHouse 4 operating system.

"Using top-of-the-line charts, CHIRP sonar, and radar, our Axiom displays with the LightHouse 4 operating system will help saltwater anglers make smarter decisions, and the SiriusXM Fish Mapping service will be a welcome addition for our anglers," says Jamie Dery, Vice President of Raymarine Americas. "We are delighted to launch the Fish Mapping service and bring offshore fishing intelligence to our Axiom customers."

Major marine electronics manufacturers now offer the Sirius Fish Mapping service on select devices:

Fish Mapping identifies the most prospective fishing spots in North American waters using eight key features:

The regions that oceanographers recommend for zeroing in on six separate target species are identified in Fishing Recommendations.

Plankton Fronts reveal areas with the highest plankton concentration next to areas with minimal plankton, especially useful information when they occur near temperature fronts.

Plankton Concentration contour lines indicate locations with high concentrations of plankton. Plankton attracts game fish; therefore, baitfish graze on it.

Significant temperature variations reveal Sea Surface Temperature Fronts, which form distinct boundaries between bodies of water, concentrating nutrients that attract baitfish. Game fish can be found along strong fronts.

Contour lines for sea surface temperatures are simplified graphic representations of sea surface temperatures that can be used to pinpoint regions where specific fish species can be found.

The most recent observations of weed lines, which provide habitat for bait and game fish, are shown in Weed Lines.

Areas of upwellings, eddies, and convergence zones where nutrient-rich water is ideal for finding fish are Sea Surface Height Anomalies.

Water temperatures up to 30 meters beneath the surface area provided by Sub-Surface Water Temperatures can be used to determine where targeted game fish like to seek within their desired temperature range.

Anglers with a suitable Axiom display who already have SiriusXM Weather and an SR200 can easily upgrade to the SiriusXM Fish Mapping service. Fish Mapping has a free one-month trial subscription available and a free software update. The software update is now available for download by customers.

The SR200 is simple to set up and use. Its dependable antenna ensures that you get the greatest reception possible, even outside SiriusXM's broad service region (up to 150 nautical miles offshore).

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