The Revival of the Aviation Sector in Africa

The Aviation Africa Summit and Exhibition 2022 opened in Kigali, Rwanda's capital, with participants discussing how the industry can accelerate recovery, promote sustainability and enhance the customer experience.

FREMONT, CA: The Aviation Africa Summit and Exhibition got underway, with attendees debating how the sector might hasten recovery, advance sustainability, and improve customer experience.

According to Minister of Infrastructure Ernest Nsabimana, the summit offers a chance to start making the continent's aviation sector more resilient to shocks in the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic had already severely impacted the aviation business globally, and Africa was no exception, according to the International Air Transport Association.

Increasing Africa's connectivity is crucial to unlocking travel and economic benefits within the continent, according to the Group CEO of Qatar Airways. Group urged the continent's leaders to make enough infrastructure available to cope with travel demand, which is expected to soon equal and then surpass pre-COVID levels. Strong collaboration among all stakeholders has enabled the industry to rebound collectively. This necessitates a review of Africa's infrastructure development strategy. Build Africa's human resource capability, make sufficient workers available, and continue to invest in the aviation workforce.

Africa Aviation also needs to address the skills gap throughout the entire aviation value chain if they want to speed up the expansion of its aviation sector. After all, aviation is a highly desirable career in Africa for young people.

Boosting connectivity, boosting demand, and creating jobs, further liberalizing air travel in Africa can function as a catalyst to hasten the sector's recovery. Open skies aid in connecting companies to local and international supply chains, encouraging commerce and investment in the broader context of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

According to research by the African Airlines Association, the severe COVID-19 regulations caused African airlines to lose at least 8.6 billion US dollars in revenue in 2021. The loss was projected to be around half of what the airlines made in 2019.

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