Space Micro Joins Hands with Voyager Space

Voyager Space has cleared its intention to buy the majority of Space Micro Inc.

Fremont, CA: The space business continues to expand. It is reforming its activities and operations in Space by utilizing technologies such as 5G, improved satellite systems, 3D printing, big data, and quantum technology.

Weather predictions, remote sensing, satellite broadcasting, and long-distance communication rely on space infrastructure; therefore, implement sophisticated space technology. Technological advancements are currently driving space operations and research.

"For almost two decades, Space Micro has developed game-changing technologies and provided trusted high-performance satellite communications systems," says Space Micro Co-Founder and Chairman David Strobel. "Today marks a huge step in our growth trajectory. The satellite constellation market stands at the tipping point of explosive expansion, and now, with the Voyager team and operational functions by our side, we will be prepared to scale our technologies to meet these market needs."

Voyager Space Inc., a global pioneer in space exploration and infrastructure, stated today that it intends to buy a controlling investment in Space Micro, located in San Diego. With over 2.7 million hour's of space flight experience, Space Micro is a highly inventive engineering-driven company focusing on creating high-performance satellite communications, digital and electro-optical systems. In Space, Space Micro created the world's highest data rate Laser Communications Terminal. Voyager will provide strategic, operational assistance to help Space Micro improve its technology throughput to civic, commercial, and defense clients as part of the arrangement.

Space Micro, founded in 2002, provides best-in-class satellite technology to the rising commercial industry. Within its first four years as an organization, Space Micro launched its first computer and image-processing subsystem into Space, then went on to develop it's first advanced Software Defined Radios for NASA's Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, Lunar Atmosphere Dust, and Environment Explorer (LADEE), and Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). Today, the business is working with NASA on several projects, including creating real-time data sorting inference processing units for Earth observation missions and the provision of X-band transponders for two Artemis-selected lunar missions. Space Micro also has a long history of delivering essential technologies to the United States Department of Defense, such as ISR space payloads, laser secure communications terminals, and digital RF-to-optical and optical-to-RF signal converters.

NASA, the United States Space Force, the United States Air Force, the Space, and Missile Center (SMC), the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Space IL (winner of the Google X-Prize Moonshot Award), the German Space Agency, and others are among Space Micro's clients. Space Micro was recently granted a contract by Lockheed Martin to produce ten NanocomTM Software Defined Radios in support of the Space Development Agency's Tranche 0 satellite constellation.

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