Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industry Chosen as an Authorised Global Service Center of Honeywell

The new collaboration supports the Kingdom’s new strategy to realize localization ambitions under the Saudi Vision 2030 goals.

FREMONT, CA : Honeywell has recently selected Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) to be its first-ever authorized service center in the Middle East. The full-service maintenance, repair, and overhaul organization (MRO) was given the license for 131-9 Auxiliary Power Units (APU) models that are installed on Boeing 737 Next Generation and Airbus A320 aircraft. SAEI is one of the largest and seasoned MROs in the Middle East and North Africa. Honeywell signed a 10-year agreement, and SAEI will offer inspections, repair, overhaul, and upgrade services from its facility in Jeddah. Local owners and operators can now repair their APUs at SAEI’s facilities instead of sending them outside the region, significantly reducing aircraft downtime.

The collaboration between Honeywell and SAEI began in 2013 as part of the Saudia Group’s SV2020 Transformation Strategy. The aim of this program was to elevate the company’s business units into global leading organizations by the end of 2020. SAEI has successfully achieved its targets by completing over 100 APU repairs. The organization has now formed a new strategy to realize localization ambitions under the Saudi Vision 2030 goals.

The new strategic partnership will help Honeywell serve its customers better in the region by providing them fast and local access to its maintenance services while also supporting SAEI’s goals. Since it released its first APU in the 1950s, Honeywell has built over a hundred thousand power units. Over thirty-six thousand are currently in service across 150 commercial, regional, and executive applications. The collaboration will also drive technological advancements and innovation in Saudi Arabia and strengthen its industry-leading capabilities to provide airline owners with affordable and easy access to timely services. Over the past six decades, Honeywell has helped Saudi Arabia advance its industries and improve the capabilities of its local manufacturing and commercial operators. Honeywell has supported the country’s In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) initiatives to enhance content localization and its national roadmap for transforming the Kingdom.

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