PPG Aerospace Expands Adoption of Eclipse's DocOrigin

PPG Aerospace Expands Adoption of Eclipse's DocOrigin

FREMONT, CA: Aerospace company PPG Aerospace has Eclipse Corporation in its good books. Impressed by Eclipse’s enterprise document generation solution, PPG Aerospace has expanded the license use of DocOrigin 3.0 to support critical division document generation systems.

The partnership between the companies began with the task of migrating several mission critical forms to use DocOrigin in the PPG Aerospace’ production environment. PPG had a plain sailing in getting the job done due to the automation brought in by DocOrigin.

"The need to accurately convert our existing form templates and the time required for the migration was a big concern for us," says Justyn Hancock, Global IT Director, PPG Aerospace. "DocOrigin supported all our existing apps and we converted them all without the need for much reprogramming of our ERP software and without consuming many of our internal resources." 

The extended capabilities of DocOrigin to dynamically enhance the existing forms without affecting the ERP system also drew the attention of the aerospace company. The company now is able to produce XML directly from its ERP.

"We will be consolidating the number of forms we have under DocOrigin, the data driven templates will allow us to reduce our forms maintenance and support." says Hancock. "And any new forms will be created with DocOrigin GUI Design software."

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