Phase Four Unveils Revolutionary Subscription Service for Small Satellite Manufacturers

Leveraging new Maxwell engines and industry-first subscription service - the P4 Pass - Phase Four is ready to reach a more significant part of the satellite market.

FREMONT, CA: Phase Four, the company that invented the radio-frequency thruster for satellite propulsion, stated today it would expand its Maxwell turn-key plasma propulsion line and introduce an industry-first long-term subscription model called "P4 Pass" to satellite manufacturers. Maxwell Block 2 expands mission possibilities, whereas Maxwell Block 3 improves performance dramatically.The P4 Pass, which assures set pricing and drastically reduced lead times, is available for both engines. Its development follows the company's recent announcement of a Series B financing deal.

"There is a growing need for more flexible options with electric in-space propulsion, to provide satellites with enhanced on orbit capabilities." said Phase Four CEO Beau Jarvis. "For rapid constellation deployment and greater ROI, satellite manufacturers need significantly lower pricing and shorter lead times than exist in the market today."

In early 2021, the Maxwell engine from Phase Four was certified for flight. Several Maxwell systems are now in orbit on small commercial satellites. The company plans to deliver more Maxwell units in the second half of 2021, with additional customer launches planned.Maxwell Block 2 relies on the flight-proven thruster and electronics of Maxwell Block 1 but adds a variety of propellant tank sizes and improved thermal management for more extended propulsion operations to suit a broader range of mission requirements. Maxwell Block 2 is currently available for pre-order, with deliveries set to begin in the first quarter of 2022.The thruster, power electronics, and propellant subsystems can all benefit from Maxwell's new chassis-style design, which allows for rapid on-ramping of advancements. Maxwell Block 3, expected in the 2nd quarter of 2022, includes Phase Four's next-generation electronics, allowing for enhanced performance, including double the fuel efficiency of the present Maxwell version.

"Maxwell's new modular chassis architecture enables us to introduce improved capabilities within the same form factor," said Phase Four CTO Umair Siddiqui. "As more capable engines become available, our customers can easily integrate them into existing spacecraft bus designs that are already using earlier versions of Maxwell."

Parallel to the Maxwell product line development, Phase Four is launching a long-term subscription program that gives satellite makers access to the highest-performing Maxwell engine at a fixed, discounted price and industry-leading lead times of 3-4 months from purchase to delivery. A two- or three-year subscription to P4 Pass offered.Subscribers get the best commercial pricing on Maxwell and get priority in the production queue at Phase Four. P4 Pass is currently available to clients all over the world till March 2022. Determining the availability by production capacity and is first-come, first served.



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