Orbits Edge And Vaya Space To Signe A Long-Term Launch Agreement

Vaya Space and Orbits Edge have inked a long-term, exclusive launch agreement.

FREMONT, CA: "Vaya has gained strong momentum over the past quarter, leapfrogging many of our earlier competitors that approached the space sector with legacy technology. This is the third major agreement we've announced in many months, as satellite providers have increasingly turned to us to meet their launch needs. We look forward to supporting Orbits Edge as they deploy their new and innovative technology for above-the-cloud, in-space computing,” says Jack Blood, Chief Commercial Officer for Vaya Space. Vaya Space, the vortex-hybrid engine rocket firm and rising leader in sustainable space access, has signed a long-term, exclusive launch agreement with Orbits Edge, an emerging leader in space technology that is pioneering the commercialization of space.

Orbits Edge has collaborated with Hewlett-Packard, Amazon Web Services, NVIDIA, Red Hat, and Milky Way Economy to establish high-performance computing data centers in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), above the cloud. It can process and analyze data collected in space. This strategy lowers constraints associated with the current bandwidth requirements and transmission latency related to the transfer of enormous volumes of satellite data down to Earth for processing.

Exclusively held Vaya Space, a company with operations in the United States and Brazil, has recently announced significant patent awards, new launch contracts, and agreements with NASA to become the market leader for small satellite launch services. Vaya Space has created revolutionary rocket engine technologies that provide industry-leading performance, safety, and cost while employing over 20 metric tonnes of recycled plastic bottles per launch.

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