Key Flooring Issues MRO Facilities Face

It's possible to protect MRO facility flooring for many years with the aid of expert flooring fitters.

FREMONT, CA: Maintenance, repair, & operations (MRO) facilities confront particular problems in maintaining safe, high-performing, and long-lasting flooring. Proper MRO facility flooring solutions keep the atmosphere safe while preventing equipment damage.

MRO facilities get regularly subjected to the weather, heavy traffic, falling equipment, and other wear factors that can cause damage to the concrete substrate or flooring. The following are some of the most common MRO facility issues:

  • Harsh weather and the elements

Facilities get frequently exposed to high temperatures, rain, snow, ice, filth, and sand, all of which can harm the substrate; exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can also affect unsuitable flooring.

  • Slip hazards

Slippery floors may be hazardous to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and wet flooring can cause slip-and-fall accidents or facility damage.

  • Corrosion

Chemical spills involving a variety of substances; porous exposed concrete substrates that may absorb chemicals such as aviation fluids, solvents, jet fuel, and Skydrol; chemical exposure may quickly degrade the substrate, producing unevenness;

  • Cracks and abrasion

Hangars and other MRO facilities get typically subjected to significant damage due to the action of aircraft and other equipment that exerts pressure on the floor; fallen tools can create cracks, divots, and abrasion.

  • Static electricity

Static electricity may seriously harm delicate, costly avionics.

There are several varieties of resinous flooring companies available, including epoxy and urethanes. With so many different types and combinations of flooring available, facility owners should consult with an expert to evaluate which solution is ideal for their needs.

The proper flooring solution will extend the life of the floors, avoid equipment damage or may harm the employees and visitors, and reduce the need for frequent and costly repairs. In addition, it's possible to protect MRO facility flooring for many years with the aid of expert flooring fitters.

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