How to Optimize the Security of Embedded Systems?

How to Optimize the Security of Embedded Systems?

As the functionalities of embedded systems expand, there is a growing demand for security optimizations.

FREMONT, CA: The general perceptions about embedded systems being safe from security breaches are not valid anymore. A succession of violations in recent times has enlightened stakeholders about the vulnerabilities that embedded systems possess. Today, embedded systems have become ubiquitous. The technology has found critical and non-critical applications across diverse fields. In such a scenario, allowing security loopholes to persist can lead to significant losses for enterprises and end-users. Instead, efforts should be put towards optimizing the security of embedded systems in every possible way. The following list contains essential considerations that can bolster embedded system security.

Preventing Attack Replications

Mass-produced embedded systems contain the same set of defects. This means an extensive number of embedded devices and systems could be vulnerable to the same threats. Thus, a single attack could result in all identical entities being compromised. To prevent this, it is important to rule out security loopholes right from the initial stages of manufacturing. Also, the categorization and segmentation of devices and systems with respect to encryption can be helpful.

Automating Up-gradation

Enabling security solutions are not enough to prevent attacks; regular updates are vital. By ensuring regular updates, the chances of security breaches can be effectively minimized. Sometimes, it is not feasible to install updates consistently. In such cases, it is better to adopt security solutions that have the provision of automated updates.

Predicting the Future

Embedded systems and devices often have a long lifespan. On the other hand, the nature of threats keeps evolving, and the sophistication keeps increasing. Although updates can keep security optimized, it is also important for embedded systems engineers to have a lot of foresight. The embedded systems being developed today should have the capability to fend off security threats arising ten years down the line.

Thus, keeping intrusions at bay requires embedded system developers and users to develop a dynamic approach towards security. 

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