How Can Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Beneficial For Aviation Sector

It also offers passengers a dedicated channel in the cabin for SwiftBroadband communication and data access.

Fremont, CA: The Connected Aircraft promise is genuine, and satellite communications (SATCOM) technology makes it feasible. Users can communicate safely and effectively anywhere they operate with a SATCOM system. Furthermore, big data and analytics enable real-time and forecast insights to make flights more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

Here are some advantages of a SATCOM system for your airline:

True broadband-class in-flight connectivity enhances the passenger experience

A departure does not have to imply a break. Wi-Fi is considered an important travel element by more than 75percent of travelers. From the moment they board till touchdown and taxi, a SATCOM system provides the connectivity that allows passengers to stream live TV, video chat, download music, and movies, access business VPNs, buy online, and so much more.

Flights and maintenance operations will be more efficient

Satellite connectivity provides company flight operations & dispatch teams with access to the app, which can result in more simplified procedures and cost savings. Honeywell's package of software and applications, for example, may help aviation firms save up to $100,000 per year by assisting them in planning flights more effectively, using less fuel, reducing aircraft downtime, and eliminating unnecessary maintenance.

Cost savings

Satellite-based systems can save the business money by providing high-speed cockpit and cabin connection at a fraction of the cost of an air-to-ground system and lowering fuel and aircraft on ground (AOG) expenses. The solutions also provide worldwide coverage, including polar locations. Some systems even allow users to regulate the amount of bandwidth utilized by streaming video, allowing users to choose lower-cost data plans without sacrificing the entertainment experience.

Secure, dedicated communication

Certain satellite-based options connect pilots and passengers through two distinct SwiftBroadband channels. It provides pilots access to a separate, secure data channel in the cockpit for critical safety communications such as text messaging with air traffic control, in-flight tracking, and electronic flight bag applications. It also offers passengers a dedicated channel in the cabin for SwiftBroadband communication and data access.

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Redundancy across several networks provides peace of mind

Honeywell's satellite-based solution portfolio allows users to run two systems on an aircraft and provides redundancy across several networks. This system redundancy assures that the user will never lose connection.

With satellite-based communications systems, companies can deliver a better flight experience for passengers and crew; passengers get in-flight Wi-Fi, while pilots may simplify operations and flight durations while saving fuel and maintenance costs. They can safely state that adding satellite communications to any aircraft will assist in providing the secure, redundant connection business require and airline passengers expect.

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