How 3D Printing Complements Embedded Applications

3D Printing enables embedded applications to actualize complex prototypes.

FREMONT, CA: Embedded device designers are increasingly leveraging innovative designs as well as technology's assistance to gain a competitive edge. 3D printing is one such technology that is changing the game for embedded system designers. The technology has opened the door to a world of new component embedding capabilities. With the ability to embed signal traces and both passive and active components inside 3D parts, designers can generate prototypes with antennas, embedded sensors, complex geometries, and more for simultaneous validation of functionality and form. Furthermore, 3D printing provides solutions that can improve device performance by eliminating extra space, thereby reducing size, weight, and susceptibility to humidity or vibration.

Embedding sensors with 3D printed parts enables one-way as well as a two-way communication with appliances and devices. Such a method of designing smart devices has huge potential for a number of industries that need remote monitoring. This capability to track machine capabilities and metrics is particularly beneficial for industries with heavy maintenance responsibilities. There are applications belonging to various industries that are benefitting due to 3D printed smart devices.

3D printed embedded devices are being leveraged by fiber optics manufacturers to design sensors within pipes for NASA. Such sensors could offer a great basis for monitoring temperature, pressure, and heat flux in the fuel systems of rockets. Similarly, the medical industry has also gained immensely from 3D printed embedded devices. Such devices can be used for developing responsive technologies for monitoring physiological events in real-time. The devices can also be used for improving patient care with sensor feedback.

 Applications involving embedded technology are increasingly leveraging 3D printing to enhance their product prototypes and develop efficient end-products.

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