Globalstar Introduces Realm Enablement Suite For Fast Application Development

Globalstar's low code, edge compute application enablement platform enables the development of new applications and solutions in a fraction of the traditional time and expense.

Fremont, CA: “This newest innovation from Globalstar represents a continued commitment to IoT as a core business pillar. With Realm Enablement Suite, customers have the flexibility and agility they need to optimize data from their tracking devices and edge sensors,” comments Dave Kagan, Globalstar CEO. Globalstar, a major provider of mobile satellite services and connectivity, has unveiled its Realm Enablement Suite, an innovative range of satellite asset monitoring hardware and software solutions that includes a robust application enablement platform for processing smart data at the edge. With Realm, partners may expedite the launch of new solutions with AI-enabled applications that create a high level of telemetry data. By defining smart data at the edge, users transfer only the data they require through the highly dependable Globalstar LEO satellite network to the client endpoint, thereby decreasing transmission costs dramatically.

Realm Enablement Suite introduces Integrity 150, the first solar-powered, deployment-ready satellite asset tracking device with an application enablement platform; the ST150M satellite modem module, which significantly simplifies product development; and the Realm application enablement platform, which provides tools and an extensive library for rapidly accessing and developing AI-enabled applications at the edge for vertical-specific solutions.

"The end-to-end design of the new Globalstar Realm Enablement Suite ecosystem removes the technology barriers to profitable innovation in the tracking and industrial IoT space," states David Haight, VP of IoT. "Realm delivers greater speed and lower cost in both development and deployment by providing the flexibility to innovate with the power to host applications and process data on edge devices for faster action and enhanced performance. The Realm Enablement Suite is what our partners around the world have asked us for."

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