Global Aerospace Summit 2022

The need for decarbonization and private sector growth was highlighted by the Advisory Board in the Global Aerospace Summit 2022.

FREMONT, CA: Some of the most senior decision makers in the aerospace sector attended the Global Aerospace Summit 2022 Advisory Board, where they presented topics that needed to be addressed promptly in order to progress the worldwide aviation, aerospace, space, and military sectors. 

Airbus, Boeing, Collins, Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa Technik, Raytheon Emirates, Saab, Safran, Sanad, Thales, Defense Services Marketing Council, and Knighthood Capital, were among the high-level representatives on the board. The Summit is seen as a key opportunity for the highest level executive leadership teams to collaborate on the sector's future by the Advisory Board. Further they recognized the global nature of the Summit speakers and attendees and emphasized the need of a policy-driven platform.

Sustainability, digital technology implementation, future mobility, supporting tech innovation ecosystems, 5G and connectivity, and market access were among the key topics covered in this summit. The necessity for the aerospace industry to unite to combat climate change and create greater sustainability was top on the agenda. In addition, the need for increased investments in sustainable aviation fuel to aid in decarbonization, as well as explore longer-term investments in hydrogen power and infrastructure were also topics for discussion.

Concentrating on the Summit's digital theme, the role of CEO leadership groups in understanding and guiding the deployment of artificial intelligence and big data was emphasized. The group also stressed on the importance of increased innovation and creativity in addressing the industry's difficulties during the fast digital change and technological improvement era. Different ways for the Summit to create a venue for SMEs, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists to meet with industry CEOs, bringing in new ideas and services to the aviation sector, were also identified. Above stated way will be aided by a start-up program at the Summit, which will focus on the technological whitespaces where the aerospace industry requires new solutions.

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