E-Space And Rocket Lab To Launch Demonstration Satellites In The Second Quarter

E-Space anticipates one more test launch before deploying its first commercial satellites after the successful launch and commission of the demonstration satellites.

Fremont, CA: The space business continues to expand. It is reforming its activities and operations in space by utilizing technologies such as 5G, improved satellite systems, 3D printing, big data, and quantum technologies.

Weather predictions, remote sensing, satellite broadcasting, and long-distance communication depend on space infrastructure; therefore, deploying sophisticated space technology is vital. In addition, space operations and research are currently being driven by technological advancements.

E-Space announced today that its first demonstration satellites would get launched in the second quarter of 2022 to evaluate the systems and technologies for its sustainable satellite system. As E-Space seeks to develop the most sustainable, secure, and cost-effective satellite network in history, the announcement represents an unparalleled timescale for moving a new space breakthrough from concept to reality.

E-Space will launch three demonstration satellites designed and produced in-house atop Rocket Lab's Electron rocket from Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula.

E-Space seeks to minimize the time it takes to grow, refill, and deliver a full system to months rather than years by reducing the launch requirements for a full constellation to months rather than years. The launch is the first step in proving the technology underpinning the E-network Space of secure communication satellites, which will reduce the cost and accessibility of space-based capabilities. The E-Space system will enable governments and businesses to own private satellite constellations that can dynamically scale their abilities, with numerous applications from encrypted communications to remote infrastructure management, while retaining an unprecedented layer of assurance, flexibility, and resiliency.

"Our first satellites will provide a demonstration and test platform for our new sustainable satellite system," said Greg Wyler, founder, and CEO of E-Space. "E-Space will increase the speed for constellation delivery from years to months, allowing new opportunities for more people to access space-based platforms. With the help of Rocket Lab, we are excited to be bringing these satellites into orbit in record time."


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