Emerging Technologies that will Revolutionize the MRO Industry

While technology has been used to improve the detection of damaged parts and optimize repair processes, maintenance is still done by hand and relies on touch maintenance

Fremont, CA: Regarding technology adoption or automation, the MRO industry is still nearly a decade behind sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices.

Today, we can see the convergence of new technologies (like AR, VR, AI, machine learning). Therefore, it is critical for industry technology leaders to use various technologies more innovatively.

Robotics' Ascension

With significant increases in data availability, we're now sitting with the building blocks for better processes, thanks to the abundance of sensors on modern aircraft and better data routers. First, however, it is required to put this data to use, analyze it, and make predictions for functional variability of processes.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

With the rise of Augmented Reality, technicians will see overlays of necessary service or repair points through smart glasses. Instructions and diagrams would be readily available in some cases. To make better product comparisons, technicians can view these diagrams on tablets or smart glasses.

Furthermore, the use of Augmented Reality and less human intervention improves reporting. This will eventually enhance dependability and effectiveness in various operational areas.

Real-time superimposed digital information is more advantageous because of fewer human errors, faster execution, fewer breakdowns, higher compliance, and increased profitability because of fewer human errors, more immediate performance, fewer breakdowns, higher compliance, and increased profitability.

Bots and Other Things

Bots, powered by AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), act as assistants for any blue-collar job in MRO and provide an unparalleled engaging experience for users to complete simple, repetitive tasks. It is a zero UI (user interface) concept in which users can use their mobile phones and other devices to chat and receive intelligent responses to maintenance and operations questions. Bots' goal is to achieve zero UI through capabilities such as gesture computing and by providing platform-independent capabilities.

Paperless Administration

Organizations that use paperless maintenance save paper, time, and money and speed up the provision and transmission of information. It also renders processes completely obsolete, as electronic documentation makes them more streamlined, more precise, and less prone to error. As a result, extraneous data entry is no longer required.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Another important topic of discussion in MRO is data analytics, leading to advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Digitalization aids in the better management of shutdowns and failures; the goal is to adjust your maintenance and improve the performance of your assets.

MROs will be able to implement effective operational strategies that will positively impact the future of MRO, ultimately saving money by integrating the solutions available on today's market and helping users understand the benefits of using the latest technologies.

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