Edgybees Launches Satellite Software To Improve The Accuracy Of Satellite Imagery

Fremont, CA: Edgybees, the global leader in georegistration software, has released its Satellite Software to enhance the accuracy of satellite imagery. Edgybees Satellite Software aligns electro-optical satellite imagery to ground truth in less than 15 seconds, to within two to three meters of accuracy. The software dramatically reduces discrepancies and provides clear and concise context to satellite imagery consumers across industries.

Edgybees has been assisting first responders and the military with georegistration of full-motion video streams via drones since its inception in 2017. Acknowledging satellite technology as a valuable resource across industries, Edgybees is combining artificial intelligence and georegistration technology to develop a solution that aligns satellite imagery with ground truth – enabling better, more accurate decision-making in an infinite number of use cases.

"As the commercial satellite imagery market continues to flourish, we are thrilled to provide industry players with software that enables them to realize the true potential of this valuable output," stated Adam Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of Edgybees. "Accuracy in satellite imagery is essential for professionals utilizing these resources in the defense, public safety, insurance, and earth imagery analysis industries. We are thrilled to provide the software that ensures these professionals have access to the most precise and reliable images on the market."

Until now, satellite imagery's ground accuracy has been limited, with the true location of objects being off by anywhere from 10 to 200 meters. Edgybees Satellite Software detects and aligns hundreds of tie points – objects or features within images – in seconds to achieve optimal alignment using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. The software ensures that all data is correctly aligned and located at the start of the process, eliminating the need for manual corrections. Georegistration of satellite imagery enables use cases such as object detection, change detection, and sensor fusion, in which multiple sources of imagery must be aligned with one another and their location in the real world.

"Consumers of satellite imagery, including first responders, the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community, all rely on multiple data sources – sensor data, maps, video feeds, and satellites – to climate change, monitor assets, and world events," commented Craig Brower, President of Edgybees Inc., the corporate unit responsible for supporting the US government. "By starting with accurately placed imagery, Edgybees is bolstering satellite capabilities and fundamentally improving the execution and outcome of analytics processes, the implications of which are far reaching and game changing."

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