Corero Network Security Offers Proactive Defense Against DDoS Threats

Corero Network Security Offers Proactive Defense Against DDoS Threats

FREMONT, CA: Corero Network Security has launched the beta version of its Corero SmartWall Network Threat Defense-Virtual Edition (vNTD Monitor). The new solution enables cloud service providers, managed service providers, data centers and online businesses to proactively detect Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks before they arise.

The vNTD Monitor technology, powered by Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System’s DDoS security event analytics and reporting, offers real-time DDoS event visibility to Virtual Machine (VM) environment. Furthermore, the solution helps customers identify traffic anomalies through continuous traffic monitoring, sending sFlow data, security events and syslog messages to Corero SmartWall Site Management Server - Virtual Edition (vSMS). It also shields the network against diverse attack vectors that include volumetric, reflection, resource exhaustion, and application layer.

vSMS is an integral part of the vNTD Monitor technology that develops DDoS attack statistics and forwards the information to Corero SecureWatch Analytics-Virtual Edition (vSWA), where it is presented in a Graphical User Interface. vSWA, when linked with Corero SecureWatch Analytics portal, offers access to DDoS attack information around the world. vSWA also equips networks with the ability to DDoS signaling, compliant with the IETF draft standard for DDoS Open Threat Signaling (DOTS). The combination of vNTD Monitor, vSWA and vSMS identifies and mitigates DDoS threats effectively, by redirecting uneven floods of traffic to the cloud.

“The introduction of vNTD Monitor provides freedom and flexibility to monitor DDoS activity against any server, application or network. Allowing network and security teams the ability to stay in control of DDoS attacks in a cloud environment with visibility of attack traffic, intuitive analytics and alerting of DDoS attack vectors targeting the system or workload”, said Dave Larson, Chief Operating Officer, Corero.

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