AVIAREPS and Air Black Box Join hands to Promote Third-Generation Interlining Solutions

Numerous airlines will be able to improve income and traffic as a result of collaboration swiftly.

FREMONT, CA: Air Black Box, a global travel technology solution provider, and AVIAREPS, a leading airline representation company, have announced a commercial agreement to encourage Air Black Box's industry-leading "Third-Generation Interlining" solutions all over AVIAREPS' global airline, airport, as well as online travel agent (OTA) consumer base.

Legacy interlining methods and structures from generations ago are no longer valid in enabling airlines to partner successfully or allowing consumers to locate the most convenient and cheapest flight connection alternatives when carriers relaunch their services and rebuild their networks. The ACE and ThruBag™ technologies from Air Black Box offer airlines and passengers a new way to collaborate.

ThruBag™, Air Black Box's first-of-its-kind baggage solution, allows connecting travelers to check their bags to their final destination airport, even if they have separate tickets. The inability for travelers to check bags to their ultimate destination has been a significant limitation of virtual interlining and self-connecting travel till now; ThruBag™ eliminates that "pain point" for airlines and its passengers.

Air Black Box's technology works with various airline reservation devices and offers an NDC-compliant distribution interface for connecting to OTAs, TMCs, and many other distribution channels. In addition, air Black Box has achieved the highest standard of New Distribution Capability (NDC) certification, Level 4 of NDC 20.1, ensuring seamless connectivity to various distribution channels and reservation systems for its airline customers.

"In a post-lockdown world, airlines need to find new partners to grow their networks and generate more revenue and traffic, simply and quickly. Relying on traditional alliance or codeshare partner carriers is cumbersome and constraining," said Rick Howell, CEO of Air Black Box. "Our solution opens the doors for network airlines, low-cost carriers, and other travel providers to cooperate easily, quickly and effectively, with minimal integration in either software or process. With its extensive airline relationships and global reach, AVIAREPS understands the connecting travel market intimately and is an obvious partner to bring our solution to more airlines. We're delighted to be launching this partnership as the travel market begins to recover."

"From our in-depth relationships with airlines around the world, we can see that it's more important than ever to quickly respond to the needs of the industry and unlock new revenue-generating opportunities," said Edgar Lacker, CEO of AVIAREPS. "We believe that Air Black Box's third-generation interlining and ThruBag baggage check-in solutions will allow airlines and airports to do exactly that, and we are excited to partner with Air Black Box to bring this capability to our airline and airport clients."

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