Aloft Technologies Measures Growth Milestones

Numerous pilots who operate powered aircraft in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) have admitted to using the B4UFLY app to stay mindful of their surroundings.

FREMONT, CA: "We know that adoption by users is key to all successful compliance efforts. While we continue to build open and scalable systems, we can't mistake walls for highways. We have to make compliance, safety and security part of the benefits that come along with accessible and easy to use tools. We're excited to continue growing along with the broader drone ecosystem," says Jon Hegranes, CEO and Founder of Aloft.

Record flight and airspace safety across Aloft's applications and UTM platform are among the milestones Aloft Technologies highlighted. Aloft has authorized half a million LAANC flights1 overall, with a record-breaking increase in total authorizations and commercial airspace authorizations.

 Due to record usage and adoption, 20 million airspace searches have been performed on the B4UFLY application. The Aloft UTM data network also reached a milestone in June when it reached one million monthly airspace occurrences and had 300 percent quarter-over-quarter commercial revenue growth, which was the highest platform expansion in the business history.

Aloft's the most recent product, Aloft Geo, which enables governmental and authoritative agencies to post air and ground space alerts to the Aloft UTM data network, swiftly topped 50 verified agencies in the first month, capping off an all-time quarter. This extension of Aloft's data crowdsourcing program has a significant impact by enabling authoritative agencies to directly manage and distribute their data to the broadest network of drone pilots and airspace stakeholders.

By combining these additional authoritative data sets with Aloft's airspace restrictions and flight activity data, Aloft Geo is enabling the next development in UTM situational awareness, benefiting everyone from local law enforcement and first responders to federal organizations like NASA and the Department of Homeland Security.

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