3 Ways Embedded Systems Aid Traffic Management

3 Ways Embedded Systems Aid Traffic Management

Embedded systems can enhance traffic management by tracking and monitoring vehicle movements.

FREMONT, CA: Embedded systems are constantly shaping the modern technologies and applications. Embedded-system based applications can multitask and interface with other devices and networks. Although the industries that have gained most from the incorporation of embedded devices include communication, robotics, and space, the transportation industry is not far behind in the race either. The need for an intelligent traffic management system is driving the demands for embedded systems into transportation. Here are the major applications of embedded systems that are transforming the conventional traffic management.

To Counter Rash Driving

Rash driving is a dangerous practice that can cost lives. Although traffic controllers deploy several means to counter the challenge, speed trackers have been the most popularly deployed mechanism. Embedded systems can be used to design modern speed-checker devices that will identify rash driving vehicles and alarms the traffic authorities in case of any violation. Such devices can aid traffic managers with instant alarms, thereby enabling them to act fast.

Street Light Management

Conventionally, street light management has relied on manual efforts. However, manual management of street lights wastes a significant amount of energy. Alternatively, embedded systems can detect the vehicles’ movement and switch on or off-street lights accordingly. For instance, embedded devices can monitor an approaching vehicle and switch on the street light. Once the vehicle has passed the terminal, the light gets turned off automatically.

Tracking Vehicles

Embedded systems can also help in tracking the exact location of a vehicle with the aid of a GPS modem. While on one side, such a capability will increase traffic transparency, it will also reduce vehicle theft. The embedded system leverages a GSM modem to send an SMS to a predefined mobile, which saves the data in it. It can also offer longitude and latitude values of a vehicle to the trackers.

Traffic regulators have realized the essence of embedded devices and are using them to enhance traffic management capabilities.

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