NavtechGPS: Building a Strong GNSS Foundation for Innovation

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Trevor Boynton, Seminar Manager, Franck Boynton, VP and CTO, NavtechGPSTrevor Boynton, Seminar Manager, Franck Boynton, VP and CTO
GPS/GNSS systems have guided us through the unknown and served as a military navigational tool for every operation, such as aerial combat, maneuvering around land mines, and reconnaissance. It has also reached beyond its military roots to become an important tool for countless commercial applications. With continual advancements in weapon systems and armed vehicles, GNSS technology finds sector-wide utility in high precision applications in land, maritime, and aviation transport, among others. Engineers working to develop and deploy GPS/GNSS systems in the private and public sectors need high-level, interactive training to maximize the benefits of the technology. This is where NavtechGPS plays a big role.

NavtechGPS is a GPS/GNSS solution, equipment, and training provider for engineers in the military, education and commercial sectors. With over 35 years of training expertise, NavtechGPS offers a varied range of specialized courses for professionals in GPS/GNSS systems.

“We work with our instructors to build the best courses with an aim to provide a wealth of information specific to the industry,” says Trevor Boynton, Seminar Manager at NavtechGPS.

Renowned for their expertise in GNSS receiver systems, signals and operations, NavtechGPS’ faculty of industry experts offer a much higher-level, focused, and comprehensive overview of the topics than any of its peers.

“We have the originators of the GPS and GNSS systems teaching people how to build and use the systems,” says Franck Boynton, VP and CTO at NavtechGPS.

The Difference is in the Expertise

The company’s roots trace back to when GPS/ GNSS research first began in the late 60’s, giving NavtechGPS the advantage of having worked with GNSS pioneers. Through its collaboration with industry experts, the company keeps its team informed of current events and updates its training programs to align with changes. Working with and onboarding multiple industry professionals to its faculty allowed NavtechGPS to offer a wide variation of subject matter in its educational classes, covering topics related to the various building blocks of the space segments, signal acquisition and processing and the user segment including GNSS receivers.

In the ever-evolving world of GNSS and all its surrounding components and technologies in position, navigation, and timing, NavtechGPS offers the most comprehensive continuing education, providing a deep understanding of everything that is GNSS.
Its multitude of courses are tailored to specific sectors and the collective demands of its clientele in the GPS/GNSS space. The courses span a wide range of subject levels and include GPS fundamentals and enhancements program that trains beginners in the general operation of GPS systems, theory and applications. The company also offers advanced courses on the use of complex GPS/ GNSS signals and systems as well as developing your own receivers and integrated systems including IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to create INS (Inertial Navigation Systems).

The GNSS and Inertial Navigation System (INS) integration programs are among the most prominent of NavtechGPS’ courses, a specialized course on inertial systems, Kalman filtering, and GPS/INS integration that covers the integration of inertial sensors and GNSS systems, including fundamental concepts and practical implementations of Kalman filters. The company further offers a military-focused course on GPS receiver performance in jamming environments and its mitigations.

In addition to its training programs, NavtechGPS is a distributor of GPS/GNSS equipment and systems and components for unmanned platforms, such as high-precision inertial navigation systems. It also supplies additional equipment that complements GNSS systems, such as antennas, receivers, jammer detectors to enable more cost-effective mass production of customized Positioning systems. The company equips its antennas and receivers with anti-jam capabilities to mitigate interference.

Having worked in GPS radio frequency (RF) networking and distribution for over 20 years, NavtechGPS has extensive knowledge and offers RF networking components that customers need in terms of their antenna’s signal distribution. They work with all constellations and frequencies. The company offers fiber optic redistribution systems for facilities requiring security such as government facilities and commercial sectors where security is needed, Fiber optic redistribution also allows for extremely long runs where RF cables won’t work or are impractical.

A Core for Learning and Innovation

Initially designed for face-to-face, interactive classes, NavtechGPS’ course duration ranges from 12 to 30 teaching hours and is conducted over a one-to-two-week period.

Courses are held in a classroom format to encourage interaction between the audience and the instructor. In light of the pandemic, NavtechGPS recently extended its programs online to meet the demands of its growing international audience in military, government, educational and commercial industries.
  • We have the originators of the GPS and GNSS systems teaching people how to build and use the systems

Many years ago the company adapted its GPS courses to focus more on all constellations to cater to all sectors. With a majority of its courses now offered online, the company is looking to extend its remote courses to present shorter, more focused courses, particularly in the field of GNSS integrations creating inertial navigation systems.

A source for advanced, high-quality GPS/ GNSS equipment, combined with its high-level training, NavtechGPS is a core for learning and innovation. The company is continuously carrying novel products that can be the next best thing amid a proliferation of me-too solutions.

Dominating the GPS/GNSS industry in both mentorship and technology, NavtechGPS continues to shape the best and brightest engineers in building top-tier navigation systems and empowering the military to continue protecting the nation.
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Trevor Boynton, Seminar Manager, Franck Boynton, VP and CTO

NavtechGPS is a technology-driven GPS/GNSS provider with expertise of over 30 years. The company primarily provides in-depth seminars in GPS/GNSS navigation systems and sells equipment to both the military and commercial industries