JOB AIR Technic: Go from Stagnant to Flight-Ready Aircraft Fleets

Vladimir Stulancak, CEO & Chairman, JOB AIR TechnicVladimir Stulancak, CEO & Chairman
Two years ago, at the start of the SARS-COV2 pandemic, airliners, flight operators, and lessors faced a situation that shook the foundation of their business operations. With travel bans restricting transit of people between locations, planes were seen gathering dust at hangars and with little to no maintenance of fleets. A situation that Job Air Technic, an MRO in the Czech Republic, kept a close eye on and compelled its clients to run routine checks in case flight restrictions were lifted and aircrafts required to fly again.

As aircraft C-Checks (Corrosion) and B-Checks (Body) are compulsory before the vessels can be sanctioned safe to fly, Job Air’s timely intervention enabled clients under its wing to engage in active repairs with its interior cabin and bodywork experts. With a shortage of engineers crippling most MROs from operating efficiently, Job Air Technic spent the no-fly time extensively hiring experienced maintenance, repair, and overhaul crew members. As the pandemic showed signs of restraint and nations relaxed their travel laws, Job Air’s foresight to be proactive in the face of adversity gave the company an advantageous position to lure in more projects.

Equipped with two hangars that house modern back shops and utilize state-of-the-art aviation repair machinery, Job Air offers a complete interior cabin and floor panel overhaul.
The MRO also leverages a sizeable sheet metal guide for operators to select the right material and ensure that corrodible parts are replaced according to aircraft fuselage standards. Besides the standard avionic MRO operations, Job Air’s team attends conferences and events to showcase various types of batteries and interior cabin installations and repairs.

While the focus of Job Air is high-maintenance functions on aircraft, the MRO, in expanding its portfolio of operations, has built a huge network of aviation expertise partners that offer a wide variety of aftermarket services. This consortium of experts empowers Job Air’s clients to effortlessly obtain any additional services they may require, such as a complete paint job or any components services. “We offer an extended portfolio of aviation MRO services also through our partners and are expanding our capabilities to also provide borescope engine inspections as well as Level I-III Non-Destructive Protection for aircraft frames and body works,” elucidates Vladimir Stulancak, CEO and Chairman at Job Air Technic.
  • We offer an extended portfolio of aviation MRO services also through our partners, and are expanding our capabilities to also provide borescope engine inspections as well as Level I-III Non- Destructive Protection for aircraft frames and body works

With a continuous surge to innovate and push beyond the limits of an MRO in actualizing long-term success, Job Air has invested in the digitization of its services to have a more efficient stream of communications with clients. The new paperless solutions allow clients to keep tabs on every MRO operation on their aircraft from the comfort of their hand-held devices and from any work location. As operators could have queries at any given time, Job Air also encapsulates an online chat applet for clients to initiate an instant communication with the responsible technician to clarify doubts and proceed with a project only on approval. Capable of handling both wide and narrow-body aircrafts such as the Boeing 737 or Airbus 320, Job Air will begin utilizing special AI-powered renewability tools to predict the maintenance and plan the quick acquisition of materials during unexpected maintenance.
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JOB AIR Technic

Mošnov, Czech Republic

Vladimir Stulancak, CEO & Chairman

An MRO that has worked proactively during the no-fly period to build a team of aviation engineering experts and engage with clients to assist them in being prepared for any business situation.

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