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Cristina Ruiz, CEO, IndraCristina Ruiz, CEO
No two clients or businesses are alike. Hence companies require a completely different strategy for developing and managing technology, one that is better suited to the ever-changing realities of today's business environment. Anticipating and preparing for this radical transformation demands industry-specific expertise and guidance. This is where technological consultants come in and Indra Sistemas is one such worldwide technology and consulting firm, serving as the technology partner for customers' key activities all over the world. The company offers in-house solutions and technology services such as analytics, cloud computing, enterprise resource planning, networks and communications, electoral procedures, bus technology, subway technology, and sustainability solutions. Indra company serves Defence and security, transportation and traffic, energy and industry, telecommunications and media, financial services and public administrations, and healthcare sectors. Owing to resilient industry-specific technology architectures, the company’s technology strategy and advisory services enable firms reinvent themselves and develop business value.

Founded in 1993, Indra Sistemas, S.A. is a Spanish information technology and defence systems company providing solutions for air automation, communication, navigation, and surveillance, as well as cyber protection, air defence design, and other services. Indra is a member of the IBEX 35 index and is listed on the Bolsa de Madrid.
Information technology, simulation and automation test equipment, and defence electronic equipment are the three business areas that make up Indra. The company’s capabilities include consulting, project development, systems and application integration, and IT system and business process outsourcing. This offer is divided into two sections: solutions and services- including outsourcing and application maintenance and business processes, in which technology plays a strategic and distinctive role.

Indra company’s efficient solutions and services has procured them a vast clientele with several success stories to recount. One of such instances was how Indra Sistemas helped Gambia to achieve more efficient energy and water management. NAWEC, the Gambian utility company, has entrusted Minsait- an Indra company, with implementing sophisticated solutions for managing the energy business and corporate sectors that would reduce energy and water losses in the distribution network. As a result, the company contributed to the Gambia's modernization and long-term development with a project that would improve key public services while also having a significant influence on people's quality of life and the environment. NAWEC now serves 171,911 electricity consumers and 66,675 water and sewerage customers, all of whom would benefit from improved service and attention. NAWEC’s managing director remarked on the project that it marked a major milestone in the company's transformation path toward a more efficient, effective, and sustainable service delivery model with a state-of-the-art solution that contains industry best practises. The project was a significant step forward in NAWEC's transformation to a more efficient, effective, and long-term service delivery model, with a cutting-edge solution that incorporates industry best practises.
  • Indra is a member of the IBEX 35 index and is listed on the Bolsa de Madrid. Information technology, simulation and automation test equipment, and defence electronic equipment are the three business areas that make up Indra

Establish, understand, and maintain are the quality principles that Indra Sistemas holds onto. Everyone at Indra has accepted these principles, and consider it responsible for putting them into practise by performing the responsibilities assigned within the scope of this quality management system and according to the appropriate internal regulations. The company also ensure that these principles are communicated to all suppliers, subcontractors, partners, and collaborators involved in our operations so that they can put them into practise. Indra, an innovative corporation and IT industry leader, believes that providing high-quality services and solutions is critical to the organization's long-term success and the generation of value for all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, workers, and others.
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Madrid, Madrid

Cristina Ruiz, CEO

Indra is a global consulting and technology company that operates as a technological partner for core business operations