Imtradex: Headsets Purpose-Built for Air Traffic Control

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Benjamin Baier, Head of Business Development, ImtradexBenjamin Baier, Head of Business Development
Irrespective of whether a person is working out of ATCs, runways, or cockpits, establishing excellent communication is necessary for aviation industry professionals, and it can only be achieved with good-quality headsets. They help sustain communication with pilots and the entire ATC teams, but they also protect users’ ears from loud engine noise or from loud noises out of the radio or VCS. Noise reduction and safety of the hearing is so important that it’s a major deciding factor for many aviation industry professionals when zeroing down on their next headset. Imtradex’s AirTalk® 5000 headsets are the preferred choice for many ATCs worldwide. AirTalk® 5000 XD is an extremely lightweight, binaural headset, which is characterized by its very low weight and high stability. Its rotating suspension ensures a perfect fit even while strong and abrupt head movements. The very robust steel wires of the headset connection cable ensure reliable communication and a long lifetime. The headset has a single-sided cable routing to guarantee a high wearing comfort.

What underpins the success and wide acceptance of AirTalk 5000 is Imtradex’s partnership with the world’s best ANSPs, such as the DFS or SANS.
Its industry knowledge is thus gathered from VCS manufacturers, end-users, and ANSPs. From the respective pin-out of the VCS system to the perfect choice of the microphone and speakers and the right accessories for the best and most comfortable fit throughout each shift, Imtradex caters to every requirement and helps its clients save time and money. Every Imtradex product is characterised by robust construction, longevity, high wearing comfort, user-friendly details, and an appealing design. “Our ATC communication products have a very high ROI, especially due to the long lifecycle of the products we provide,” says Benjamin Baier, head of business development at Imtradex.

Imtradex’s team of experts is highly motivated to supply the best solution they have at hand. The company can thus help its customer make the first interaction between the user and the communication system stable and reliable, ensuring long-term availability and steady product improvements. The close relation to the VCS provider helps Imtradex understand their side’s pain points better, and the close relation to the ANSPs allows the company to make the best improvements upon their feedback.
  • Our ATC communication products have a very high ROI, especially due to the long lifecycle of the products we provide

Drawing from these capabilities, Imtradex recently helped one of the leading aviation customers from the Middle East to correctly segregate different headsets based on usage (such as tower, ACC, and other different locations). Today, the client has approximately ten different types of headsets, which can be recognised at a glance. These headsets are individually adapted to the requirements and made of different colours at the speaker outer housing. In another instance, Imtradex has helped one of its clients set up end-to-end communication channels between the operational and simulation area. The client could achieve its goal by using Imtradex’s AirTalk® USB dongle. The USB dongle has provided the digital capability, while the operational headset can also be connected to the simulation system while using the AirTalk® USB dongle.

Imtradex—with many similar success stories under its hood—is now looking to support more ATC and ACCs around the world and ensure utmost public safety with its mission-critical and purpose-built headsets. Alongside this, Imtradex is also poised to continue innovating its product lines in the coming months.
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Benjamin Baier, Head of Business Development

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