Diamond Fasteners: Inventory Management of Fasteners for Streamlined Assembly

Frank Manny Bonomo, President, Diamond FastenersFrank Manny Bonomo, President
Diamond Fasteners is a full-service specialty distributor of stainless steel, automotive, and milspec fasteners. It excels at providing renowned products, superior customer service, and customized vendor-managed inventory (VMI) programs for its valued customers.

A streamlined approach to high-grade manufacturing and managing fastener inventories enables Diamond Fasteners’ clients across aerospace and defense industries to improve their assembly processes, ensuring the procurement and utilization of the most appropriate, high-quality fasteners during assembly. Robust inventory management solutions, backed by many years of experience, empower aerospace companies relying on the availability of spare parts to successfully meet their assembly requirements.

Diamond Fasteners understands the challenges faced during aircraft assembly workflows. The inventory management process, from documentation and tracking to quality checks, can consume considerable human resources and time when fasteners are ordered in bulk. The AS9100 and ISO9001-certified distributor of aerospace fasteners, components, and electronic hardware resolves the multi-faceted challenges of the aerospace and defense industry by supplying high-quality fasteners and managing their inventory so clients can focus on their aircraft’s quick and seamless assembly.

The Diamond Difference inventory management solution opens a seamless line of communication between supply chain partners, uniquely positioning aerospace customers to leverage inventory availability and take profit management to the next level.

The Diamond Difference helps companies achieve maximum alignment from the boardroom to the stockroom. The system tracks the number of available or stocked products.
Using bin stock and inventory management, businesses can ensure the required inventory is always available when they need it without using rush orders or finding space for storage. This way, they can maximize profits while maintaining customer satisfaction and carrying the least amount of inventory.

“Supply chain efficiency is the key to the production process. Transformation cannot happen without a plan, and no company is an exception. We investigate and outline a strategy for businesses to operate under a more precise, aligned production model,” says Frank Manny Bonomo, president of Diamond Fasteners.

Every factory floor is unique, with no singular oneshoe- fits-all inventory management strategy. The collaboration process of Diamond Fasteners begins with an investigation and an analysis of the client’s manufacturing process. It conducts interviews of people at various levels, including quality and financing departments, and understands the requirements when the parts come into the building. From this information, it develops a solution based on the individual needs of various lines, providing top-of-the-line inventory management solutions for factory floors.
  • Supply chain efficiency is the key to the production process. Transformation cannot happen without a plan, and no company is an exception. We investigate and outline a strategy for businesses to operate under a more precise, aligned production model

The Diamond Difference gained substantial attention when the solution was employed by a company designing, engineering, and manufacturing shock and vibration isolation systems. The client was an existing Diamond Fasteners customer and had purchased military and commercial items. They had a problem locating and pulling items from inventory due to a cumbersome process that required many touches on the part of mechanics and generated a vast amount of paperwork for the accounting department. This lack of visibility and complicated inventory management approach meant the client was always on the verge of running out of items when needed on the production floor. Diamond Fasteners’ experts recommended a system with new bins, barcode labels, and reorganized storage facilities. All items required to assemble a major product line were held in stock by Diamond Fasteners for immediate picking and delivery. The existing inventory was purchased and repackaged to accommodate the new system, and credits were issued for customer buybacks.

The fasteners that hold metallic aircraft constructions together determine their durability, structural integrity, and design philosophy. Aerospace equipment and technology must be durable enough to withstand extreme conditions like high pressures and temperatures. Similarly, a poor inventory management system can hinder productivity and hurt the bottom line. Diamond Fasteners is efficiently equipped to fulfill both needs to meet the aerospace industry’s requirements and expectations. Leveraging its customer-centric approaches, Diamond Fasteners is fast-tracking manufacturing for clients across the U.S.
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Frank Manny Bonomo, President

Diamond Fasteners is an AS9100 and ISO9001 certified distributor of precision national aerospace standard, mil standard, and AN fasteners, commercial parts, and electronic hardware and components. The company is a qualified distributor of Class 3 Threaded Fasteners under the Qualified Suppliers List for Distributors (QSLD) Program as determined by Defense Logistics Agency. The dedicated team provides the customer with a wide range of services, including Just In Time, KanBan, Bin Stocking, and other special programs and consulting services.

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