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Bill Owen,  CEO, Competitive OutcomesBill Owen, CEO
Military units and first responders often face life or death situations during their operations. In such cases, the team or individual officer has to overcome emerging challenges on the go and find a solution that accomplishes the mission. Achieving this, however, is easier said than done, as every first response incident and military firefight has variables that are impossible to account for during standardized training.

Strengthening military and first responder operations with its proven performance training exercises is Florida-headquartered Competitive Outcomes. Along with its full-spectrum performance training prowess, the company is a leading Honor Guard trainer, helping teams across ceremonial drill units, JROTC and other cadet programs, active duty, color guards, and military academies to win local, national, and international championships. Competitive Outcomes also offers performance coaching geared toward sports coaches and trainers. This offering supports coaches in getting ‘under a player’s helmet’ to gain insights on how to change their existing program culture with flexible and intuitive exercises that breed champions.

The company’s multi-award-winning programs are backed by an innovative approach that blends on-site tasks with psychology, statistics, and sociology, making every exercise highly effective, flexible, and replicable. These competencies have helped expand its applicability across top ceremonial military units in Washington, DC, special operations forces, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, Fire and EMS departments, business executives, and foreign governments and militaries.

Delivering Adaptable Training Programs

Competitive Outcomes started as a firm specializing in teaching drill and ceremonies. As the business grew, Bill Owen and his team noticed every training mission inevitably ended with the same question, “What else do you teach?”

Consequently, it expanded its services suite to add sports coaching and leadership development, which became natural tie-ins to its original offerings. The commonality across their programs was driven by consistent personality types—motivated, fast-paced, go-getters, and ones who do not want to fail or look weak in front of their peers—identified throughout various engagements. Competitive Outcomes’ true strength lies in its ability to effectively educate this notoriously hard-to-teach personality subset in a style proven over a decade by different military and first responder groups. This consistent success enabled the company to gather like-minded instructors and expand its courses with interagency communications, marksmanship, security, and executive protection programs.

Today, Competitive Outcomes provides highly customized training programs that demand team and individual accountability by reengineering existing regimes to better adapt to evolving mission sets. It recognizes that leadership CEOconfidence, and discipline are always impactful regardless of industry sector or project goals. It tracks various mental and physical metrics and provides personalized exercises to support their progress toward desired performance levels.

“We create training that demands accountability by the team from the inside out, forces critical thinking, and rewards decision making,” states Owen, CEO of Competitive Outcomes.
A Methodology Built on Science

Unlike most training programs that emphasize improbable scenarios compared to real-world settings, Competitive Outcomes focuses on training students using variables with a 90 percent probability of occurring. For the remaining 10 percent, teams are provided with best to worst-case preparation support and mental training.

“In a close-quarters firefight, big picture elements start to fade. What matters is knowing what’s most likely and how teams can flow through the mission in the fastest and safest way possible, and that’s what we prepare our students for,” adds Owen.

From a psychological perspective, Competitive Outcomes consistently helps students strengthen their mental fortitude to ensure they are equipped to execute the training tactics in real-world scenarios in a robust and adaptable way.

Revolutionizing Training Models

Competitive Outcomes’ training methodology is divided into competitive- and outcomes-based training. These offer high scalability and customization, allowing clients to provide individual or team-driven regimes that precisely align with their demands at any given time. Its competitive-based model recognizes that every individual performs differently, and each player/person has different needs depending on sport, position, ability, and goals. Outcomes-based training approach offers simplified and personalized programs to help clients achieve parameter-specific—how many, how much, or how fast—milestones and deliver a team laser-focused on the end goal.

By pitting students’ competitiveness against training outcomes, Competitive Outcomes creates a moving target for team members to hit and reinforces the idea of continually improving their skillsets. In Owen’s words, the Competitive Outcomes’ Training Methodology creates a formula of skillset + mindset = success.
  • Competitive Outcomes brings flexible and adaptable training that is taught in a high energy environment that every participant is excited to come to each day

A Pedagogy Built for Better Outcomes

The company ensures its instructors build a high-energy teaching environment that drives enhanced engagement. Humor is emphasized during the instruction to expand camaraderie and create a space where everyone feels safe to fail and learn from mistakes. Competitive Outcomes’ instructors understand that the rate of learning directly impacts training speed. They develop regimes where the queries that organically come up in a student’s mind are answered as the training progresses.

Concurrently, Competitive Outcomes offers psychology lessons that empower each individual to improve, increasing the strength of the team. Further streamlining its pedagogy, it uses iPads to give instant video feedback to students, enabling a highly optimized way to compare the start and end of training performances and gauge improvement.“Competitive Outcomes brings flexible and adaptable training that is taught in a high-energy environment that every participant is excited to come to each day. It is physically and mentally demanding, but every participant will leave feeling not only competent, but confident in their new skills,” says Owen.

At the heart of every training is the mission to create a model that clients can replicate to self-sufficiently improve their individual and team skills.

A Track Record of Delivering Training Excellence

Since its inception in 2010, Competitive Outcomes has offered its drill programs to elite units in the U.S. military and 20 other countries. During this time, the company was approached to work on numerous high-profile military funerals and line-of-duty deaths owing to its expert-backed Honor Guard exercises. It has also supported almost every major professional sports league to provide a synchronized and honorable colors presentation for the National Anthem.

This proven success is critical in helping Competitive Outcomes retain its clientele. Nearly 80 percent of its customers approach the company every year, while over 90 percent return to its training programs within three years after recognizing their unmatched value in enabling better outcomes through fierce competition.

Competitive Outcomes aims to continue providing training that bypasses the adage, ‘you’re only as strong as your weakest link’ by offering intuitive avenues for each team member to improve their ability to resolve the likeliest adverse event or tactical failure and drive the best possible outcome, Competitive Outcomes is poised to maintain its position as a leader in the military training arena.

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