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Amandeep Kaler, CEO, Avcorp IndustriesAmandeep Kaler, CEO
Over the past six decades, Avcorp Industries (Avcorp) has gained a reputation as a leader in the aerospace industry, providing system-integrated metallic, composite, and hybrid aerostructure components and assemblies to world-leading aircraft OEMs. The Canada-based company has always focused on providing “Better Solutions” to the aerospace industry by delivering strong and reliable structures while keeping customers’ programs on budget and on schedule. To do this, Avcorp leverages its advanced in-house technologies, robust practices, and a strategically sourced supply chain that gives it a competitive edge in the industry.

“Strategically located within North America’s aerospace hubs, we work directly with world leading aircraft OEMs, Tier 1s, and regional operators,” says Amandeep Kaler, the CEO of Avcorp Industries. This includes BAE Systems, Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, and Subaru Corporation, to name a few. What made the company a go-to partner for such a broad clientele is its ability to deliver end-to-end aerostructure manufacturing and assembly services to its customers. From product design, component fabrication, assembly and integration to MRO services, Avcorp strives to support customer programs over the complete lifecycle.

Avcorp houses robust engineering resources and an unrivaled team of designers, helping them develop smarter, more sustainable solutions for its customers. When it comes to component fabrication, the company has a wide range of in-house capabilities and NADCAP-approved processes that enable them to produce and deliver superior quality metallic and composite components on time. Avcorp ensures that their components—from detailed metallic parts, floor panels, to large, complex-shaped composites structures—are fully integrated with customers’ production environments and needs.

Dedicated to aligning well with the future need for improved aircraft performance, Avcorp embraces advanced composite fabrication technologies. The company’s expertise with autoclave and out-of-autoclave processes along with cutting edge layup, and machining technologies incorporated within helps them fabricate a wide range of composite structures and complex-shaped components rapidly at lower costs.

“Our in-house capabilities also include—but not limited to—assembly and integration, precision machining, metal finishing, and inspection,” adds Kaler. Metal bonding is another key technology that Avcorp excels at, helping them fabricate advanced aerostructures using aluminum alloys, titanium, stainless steel, and other materials.

Avcorp encases innovative repair services in its portfolio to help aircraft operators and MRO providers address ever-growing maintenance demands. Repairs range from structural components like engine inlets and cowls, to flight control surfaces, fairings, and ducts.

Avcorp serves a broad customer base that encompasses commercial, defense and space, business, and regional aerospace markets. One of the company’s most prestigious defense projects is its collaboration with Lockheed Martinon their F-35 program. Avcorp builds and fully assembles the outboard wings for F-35C aircraft in a way that these complex structures can directly go to the customer’s manufacturing line for final installation. On the commercial side, Avcorp provides detailed parts and structures to Boeing to support their passenger airplane programs, including the 787 Dreamliner, 737 MAX, and 777X. The company also works with several business and regional aerospace OEMs, providing structures and components such as horizontal stabilizers, vertical stabilizers, emergency exit doors, aircraft floors, and engine components.

“We focus on delivering quality and performance and addressing customer needs with innovation, agility, and accountability, while establishing transparent and longterm partnerships with customers,” mentions Kaler. By gaining a holistic understanding of customers’ varying requirements, Avcorp excels in delivering right-fit solutions that make their operations efficient and reduce overall costs. Having such capabilities allows the company to stay aligned with the industry’s growing needs for sustainability and recovery in today’s post-pandemic world. Equipped with the right resources along with their strong network of supply chain partners has helped Avcorp adapt to manage such unprecedented disruptions in the market.
  • Strategically located within North America’s aerospace hubs, we work directly with world leading aircraft OEMs, Tier 1s, and regional operators

Avcorp’s’ success is the result of its team’s dedication to bringing innovative solutions to the table by keeping customer success upfront. They adhere to the company’s collaborative culture and agile approach to ensure that its offerings exceed customer expectations. Moving ahead, Avcorp aims to expand its footprint to other markets by diversifying its portfolio and accelerating growth through mergers or acquisitions. “With the mission to deliver ‘Better Solutions’ remaining unabated at our core, we always strive to enhance our capabilities to develop solutions that drive productivity and next generation applications,” concludes Kaler.
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