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Jimmy Sponder, CEO, 1 Vision AviationJimmy Sponder, CEO
We heard a loud bang. We are coming back!” the pilot said to the control tower. As an American Airlines flight attempted to take off, an uncanny incident quickly made national headlines. The flight had to return to the airport as it hit a deer during takeoff, leading to a fuel leak. The aircraft needed immediate repair to be fully functional and resume its operations. A team of qualified technicians and aircraft on ground (AOG) personnel from 1 Vision Aviation got the aircraft in service in about 2 days, which was incredible given the damage it had undergone.

As a high-stake industry, the aviation industry cannot afford aircraft downtime, leading to losses of millions of dollars. Airline companies are looking for partners that help them not only in the repair and maintenance of aircrafts but also to ensure that it is airworthy to recover financial resources. Sioux City, IA-based 1 Vision Aviation is the partner of choice for airlines that offers qualified and trained technicians to perform aircraft maintenance, service checks, heavy checks, modifications, sheet metal work, refurbishment, fiberglass repair, and more. The company is also soon going to offer painting services to become a one-stop-shop for aircraft maintenance, unlike other providers who must send the aircraft to other facilities for painting purposes.

The stimulus behind 1 Vision Aviation is Jimmy Sponder, who hails from the aviation industry. Starting his career in 1991, Sponder has acquired significant expertise in the maintenance of aircraft, working as maintenance managers for different airlines.In 2016, he laid the foundation of 1 Vision Aviation to overcome the operational and technical challenges of the aircraft to help reduce losses and increase flying time. Today, 1 Vision has enabled several airlines to have a well-serviced line of aircraft at their disposal.

Alongside technical expertise, 1 Vision also focuses on aircraft safety, with the team undergoing specific training programs devised by the company and clients. “We work with the airlines’ training departments to ensure all our inspectors are trained under both programs for improved security and rule out any error in maintenance,” says Sponder, CEO, 1 Vision. In addition, the company is regularly audited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FA A) and client airlines for required inspection to ensure quality and safety standards are met. Sponder prides in a client that ranks 1 Vision’s quality of work at the topmost position as compared to other MRO providers each time they review the aircraft repaired by the company.

1 Vision’s avionics team has also been tested and trained for CAT II (a precision instrument approach) and Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) means to increase airspace capacity and provide access to fuel-efficient flight levels by various airline companies. The company performs RVSM practices to recover and repair avionics. Moreover, the company is the official installer of Garmin, a provider of a comprehensive lineup of avionics solutions. “Garmin is selective of their installers as the nature of their solutions is extremely critical to aircraft and choosing us as one of their installers proves our competency and efficiency in avionics,” says Sponder.

With a plethora of success stories, 1 Vision is growing its presence in Florida. Recently, 1 Vision has opened another facility in Salina, KS, which can accommodate up to eight Boeing 737 aircraft at once.At the same time, the company is also looking to expand its horizon in South Korea and Asia while bringing experienced employees on board to offer high quality aircraft maintenance services.

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1 Vision Aviation

Sioux City, IA and Salina, KS

Jimmy Sponder, CEO

Provide a complete range of in-house maintenance, sheet metal repair, service checks, heavy checks, modifications, refurbishment, fiberglass repair and fabrication, all the way to complete exterior aircraft paint

1 Vision Aviation

"We work with the airlines’ training departments to ensure all our inspectors are trained under both programs for double security standards and rule out any error in maintenance"

- Jimmy Sponder, CEO